Imagine getting ready with your friends for a night out on the town, and then your world suddenly comes crashing down – this is unfortunately becoming the norm rather quickly. On June 12, 2016, hundreds of individuals went out to a nightclub, known as Pulse, in Orlando, Florida, to enjoy what should have been a […]

Abstract Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) have been around in America since the 1970s. Since then, the effect of this disease on funeral service has been a part of many precautions that have been put into place. HIV and AIDS is a highly infectious disease that can be transmitted via bodily […]

Human Genetic Engineering  Human Genetic Engineering is a very technical process that requires precision and perfection. So what is Human Genetic Engineering?    Human Genetic Engineering is the process of altering the DNA in an organisms genome (What is Genetic Engineering, par. 1). Linda Tagliaferro says in her book Genetic Engineering: Progress or Peril? that […]

“AIDS AND Role OF YOUTHS TO Generate AWARNESS ABOUT AIDS Amid PEOPLE” most frequently AIDS is named as silent killer, The most important motive for AIDS (Obtained Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is HIV (Human Immuno Defiency virus). when this virus enters our system, immediately changes into RNA, and then spreads swiftly. Immediately after that it starts […]

HIV Protease Inhibitors INTRODUCTION. Essentially, HIV is a style of virus that assault the most significance section in the human human body which is the immune method and ultimately HIV virus will be converted to AIDS.  HIV Life CYCLE. We deal with HIV virus as a destructive style of viruses. The top secret of their […]