Cognitive Bias is when we process and interpret information, so we can make our own decision and or judgement. Sometimes we make decisions based on our memories or how we feel and sometimes even the simplest decisions can be difficult to make because of how we feel or think, making our decisions being irrational over […]

Cultural awareness or intelligence defined by (Aldhaheri, 2017) in general means understanding capability of individuals on how they work and have control efficiently. In the past few years, due to globalization there has been a huge growth in percentage of people migrating to different countries for various purposes mostly for new career options. Apart from […]

According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), most medical errors are caused by broken systems and procedures, not people (Hughes, 2008). Institute of Medicine (IOM) defines quality as “degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge” (IOM, 2018). Centers for […]

Mathematics has been around for as long as people could count intuitively. Math has helped humans create a society full of certainties about our world and even other worlds. Mathematics has allowed us to create a flawless education system, which allows for better medicine, science, technological developments, and agricultural fields. Which in return is better […]

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) occurs when endogenous bacteria from the nose, throat, and mouth accumulates in the subglottic space and eventually moves into the lungs. When patients are intubated, bacteria begin to create a biofilm on the endotracheal tube and cuff which may result in microaspiration into the lungs. While the causative bacteria are endogenous […]

Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development is widely known and although there is new evidence that discredits parts of his theory, many scientists have stood by his original hypotheses. Piaget’s information was gathered by the observation of his own children at play as well as other children he came into contact with. When I think […]

The general objective was evaluating the importance and Performance of attributes of Volunteer Tourism in Ethiopia and specifically intending to rank out the importance, to evaluate the competitive performance of Ethiopia to host volunteer tourists by laying them in a four quadrant grid and conduct the IPA Iso-Priority Line comparison of Volunteer Tourism in Ethiopia […]

Reflections on my POE (Research Paradigm, Ontology and Epistemology) Introduction Curiosity, observation and the quest for better understanding about our surroundings are vital elements of human nature which consequently leads towards gaining enriched knowledge. An individual’s point of view, values, believes and others will impact our approach towards the choice of research pathway; and the […]

Calculating the Probability of a Type II Error To properly interpret the results of a test of hypothesis requires that you be able to judge the pvalue of the test. However, to do so also requires that you have an understanding of the relationship between Type I and Type II errors. Here, we describe how […]

The main objective of this research proposal is to analyse how the entrepreneurial activity of family businesses continue over generations. The transfer of vision, reason and the extent to which it converts into entrepreneurship across different generations of the family business area will be critically analysed. Research Questions Rationale Many articles have identified few issues […]

Introduction Here we understand ”what research is?”; it is another word for gathering information or facts or data. The more information, facts, or data we have is helpful to solve the problem and make our own good decisions. Business Research subject end result is action and implement the advance knowledge we gained by contributing to […]

ABSTRACT The major focus of this experiment was to study and run an investigation how changing or matching the font color of a given stimulus word towards the color named by the word would affect the time to react when identifying the font color of these words. This is called the stoop effect one of […]

3.1. Introduction According to Beins (2008), research methodology is a focused way to systematically investigate the raw information available and process it into a specific piece of information that is available to be analysed and clarifying comments on the topic of enquiry. (Kothari, 2008) states it as a set of procedures or rules and methods […]

Introduction Have you ever thought about how much time our kids spend watching SpongeBob? When you think about it, the number is a tad bit scary. That being said, this paper outlines SpongeBobr’s massive impact on kids in elementary schools, and the effects that this has on children. It is hoped that the results and […]

Pillbug “Roly-Poly” Conduct LaB ? Intent: The goal of this lab is to notice the habits of the Armadillium vulgare (roly- poly bug), as nicely as hypothesize no matter if it will be attracted to, repelled by, or unresponsive to particular substances. Procedures 1. Observing the pillbug: analyze the pillbug’s shell and body, shell condition, […]

Hey Sheila, Guess what? I am so psyched! I have just been promoted to Plan Manager! I am likely to make these kinds of a distinction for this Group. There will be so substantially to do you know, with the Programs considering the fact that they all have a confined time on them. Issues like […]

The purpose of this study is to offer insight into how divorce impacts the passionate interactions of the kids in just the house when they are older. Divorce level is superior and relationships occur a dime a dozen today and this study is likely to locate out if that is because of observation of past […]

In chapter 1 and 2 it has currently been mentioned by way of introduction and Lending Benefit Fee (LTV), Genuine Property Acquire Tax, Stamp Responsibility Service fees and Foundation Lending Fee (BLR) are the ways to monitor or command housing speculative by authorities of Malaysia. This segment is to examine investigation methodology and theoretical framework […]

Assessing the Use of Al-Ain College Library in Abu Dhabi and its companies: Introduction The intent of the institution of larger schooling library is to prop up the academic programmes of the academia by on situation that considerable facts so as to just take action to the mounting data load of the customers who encompass […]

Definition of objectives and the issue Just before commencing a advertising investigation the core challenges to be investigated need to have to be discovered including goals which are clearly outlined. This is more critical for the satisfaction of consumer-requirements than an appropriate definition of the investigate problem. All the effort and hard work, time and […]

The challenges of today’s economic climate and the highly competitive market place make it essential for organisations to continuously measure and monitor their performance to identify areas for optimisation and improvement. It is widely recognised that the strategic application of business intelligence (BI) is a key contributor to unlocking the business value of information across […]