CC Psychology Ethical Dilemma in Psychology Essay


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CC Psychology Ethical Dilemma in Psychology Essay
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You are a psychologist in private practice.  You have an attractive male client.  He is a professional banker.  He is struggling with some simple depression related to work.  You feel attracted to him but don’t say anything.  You’ve only seen him three times. When you are showing him out at the end of the last session, he tries to kiss you.  You avoid the kiss but he says that since his need for counseling is completed, he would like to take you out on a date.  You want to go out with him.

Each student will be given one randomly-selected ethical dilemma to utilize in the completion of both Assignment 1 & Assignment 2.   

Assignment I: Research (10% of Grade)

Each student will be given one randomly-selected ethical dilemma to utilize in the formulation of both Assignment 1 & 2.

Due: May 30, 2022

PURPOSE STATEMENT: The purposes of this paper are for the student to:

  • Utilize professional sources to enhance understanding of a particular ethical dilemma and utilize research to inform practice
  • Familiarize the student with utilizing their professional ethical codes to guide practice when faced with an ethical dilemma
  • Demonstrate the ability to use reflection and self-regulation
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply APA standards in formal writing
  • Demonstrate the ability to summarize and synthesize information in a professionally written paper


Length: 7 pages, including title page, abstract page, reference pages, and 4 pages covering the research articles – Using APA Format

  • Identify at least three recent professional journal articles (last 8 years) that “educate” the student about the research surrounding the assigned ethical dilemma in the context of practice.
  • Develop a cover page in accordance with APA standards
  • Introduce the ethical dilemma
  • Summarize, integrate, and compare/contrast the information gained from the professional journal articles (use APA citations throughout the paper when referencing information from the articles)
  • In referencing the appropriate ethical code for the student’s discipline, identify the ethical standards included in your code that could help inform practice given the assigned ethical dilemma; summarize how these particular standards would help the student resolve the assigned ethical dilemma
  • Formulate a summary (2-3 paragraphs) that “highlights” findings from the articles and the professional ethical code, as well as identify conclusions and implications for ethical practice and future research
  • Provide a reference list in accordance with APA standards

IMPORTANT: Students should obtain assistance from a reference librarian to be sure of the use of professional journal articles as sources. 

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