Cleveland Operating Efficiency Ratios of St Jude Childrens Hospital PPT


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Cleveland Operating Efficiency Ratios of St Jude Childrens Hospital PPT
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Please complete a 5 year analysis trend for the Operating Efficiency Ratios of St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Please also explain the ratios, please complete it in a powerpoint slide with additional information in the bottom notes section to explain. APA with Citations. 

The main focused ratios are 

1. Fixed Asset Turnover (FAT) = Total Operating Revenue/ Total Fixed Assets 

2. Accounts Receivable (A/R Days) 

(Net Patient Accounts Receivable x 365) / Net Patient Service Revenue

3. Average Payment Period (A/P days:)

(Total Current Liabilities x 365)/ (Total Op Expenses – Deprec and Amortization Expenses)

4. Ready Rations – Asset Management Ratios: 

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