COMSC 171 Diablo Valley College Computer Science Project


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COMSC 171 Diablo Valley College Computer Science Project
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Bash Program

Write a bash program to process input lines from a CSV (comma separated value) file as described below.

Each input line is divided into 1 or more fields (comma delimited) as follows:
the 1st and 2nd fields may contain text or integers
the 3rd and subsequent fields will contain only integers
the number of fields may vary from 1 to 64
For each input line output the following:
print the 1st and 2nd fields with no changes
print the sum of the 3rd and subsequent fields
separate output fields with commas
Example usage:
cat input-file | bash script.bash
test by typing one input line at a time
Example input lines:
Example output lines:


Use only bash and standard UNIX utilities:
do not use awk or other UNIX programming languages
Read from standard input, write to standard output:
do not use disk files for input or output
do not use command line parameters
output only processed input lines – no prompts, instructions, etc.


include name, date, assignment
include brief instructions for using the program
include brief explanations of algorithms
include brief explanations of data structures
Use descriptive names for variables and functions.
Use a consistent style to indent code blocks.

Due Date

This assignment is due Apr 23 at 11:59 PM.
Email your program (where script.bash is the name of your file) with this command:
mail -s 'assignment' stuart < script.bash


Start early, this may take longer than you expect.
Think about the structure of your data and logic before you write any code.
With each revision add the smallest possible amount of code:
test your code with a variety of inputs
add comments as necessary
save your code with another name
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