Concordia University Persuasive Essays English Discussion


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Concordia University Persuasive Essays English Discussion
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Read websites on persuasive essays. Write a paragraph (8-10 sentences) on your understanding of persuasive essays. You must reference at least one of the sites provided within your paragraph.

Also Reply to the following two classmates in a substantive way.

A persuasive essay is written to encourage readers to accept a particular viewpoint or stance on a subject. This essay is written using sound logic and factual evidence to support the argument. Scribendi Inc. (2016) indicated that to compose a good persuasive essay, the writer must take a stance, know their audience, provide thorough research on the topic and determine the structure of the essay. Additionally, writers must support their arguments by using facts from their research, observations, and personal experiences. Purdue University (n.d.) indicated that it is crucial to research both sides of the issue. This helps the writer find common grounds, understand the history of the subject, determine the counter-arguments, and find support to improve their stance. When writing the essay, it is essential not to lecture, threaten, or bully the audience (Purdue University, n.d.). It can be helpful to write the persuasive essay and then take a day or two off and revisit the piece with fresh eyes (Scribendi Inc., 2016). When revisiting, ask questions like does the essay sound logical or convincing? Will the reader be persuaded by what’s written? Was enough evidence provided?

Purdue University. (n.d.). Effective persuasion presentation.

Scribendi Inc. (2016). How to write a persuasive essay.

The basic premise of a persuasive essay is to present your point of view about a subject and attempt to persuade the reader to side with you. There is a broad range of topics that can be chosen to write about. One of the most important aspects of writing an essay like this is to be able to “find strong support for your own perspective”(Purdue Writing Lab, n.d.). Doing this would require you to find supporting evidence that is from a credible source and has pertinent information. Many times it can be helpful to find a study done on your subject. Finding statistics about the issue you have chosen is also a helpful way to persuade your reader. Staying away from obtaining information from opinion pieces is necessary as you will want to strive to find facts. It might be useful to acquire sources that contradict what you believe so you will be able to back up why you think the way you do. Then when using these resources it is important to quote them properly so none of the information within your paper is misleading.


Perdue Writing Lab. (n.d.). Effective Persuasion Presentation // Purdue Writing Lab. Purdue Writing Lab. Retrieved April 19, 2020, from…

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