CSIA 413 UMUC Wk 6 Computer Science Selecting & Implementing Security Controls Paper


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CSIA 413 UMUC Wk 6 Computer Science Selecting & Implementing Security Controls Paper
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Week 6: Selecting and Implementing Security Controls

A recent risk assessment highlighted the need for Red Clay to formalize the security measures required to protect information, information systems, and the information infrastructures for the company’s headquarters and field offices. The CISO has proposed a plan of action which includes developing system security plans using guidance from NIST SP-800-18 Guide for Developing Security Plans for Federal Information Systems.

The CISO asked you to prepare a two page, draft briefing paper (5-7 paragraphs) for the IT Governance Board and Red Clay Renovations Board of Directors that introduces Security Control Classes and Security Control Families related to Red Clay risks. This audience is familiar with financial controls but has not yet been introduced to the use of controls in the context of IT security. You should leverage their knowledge in your explanations of the control classes and families. If necessary, research “financial controls” as well as IT security controls before writing this briefing paper.

Your draft briefing paper should include the following items:

  1. An introduction telling the IT Governance Board and the Red Clay Board of Directors the purpose of the draft briefing paper.
  2. A description of each control class (managerial, operation, and technical). THEN, write a descriptive paragraph explaining how three these specific control classes will work together to protect the Red Clay Renovations IT Infrastructure for the Wilmington, DE Offices (Headquarters).
  3. From the below table, choose one family control from each of the management, operational, and technical control classes.
  4. Write a description of each family control, THEN write a descriptive paragraph explaining how each family control will work to protect Red Clay’s IT infrastructure.
  5. Select two sub-family controls (i.e., AC1 and AC6) from each family control. THEN, write a descriptive example of how this sub-family-control will protect the Red Clay infrastructure. Your examples should relate to the Red Clay case study.

Family Control

Family Control

Family Control

Control Class – Management


Risk Assessment

Program Management

Control Class – Technical Control

Access Controls

Identification & Authentication

System & Communication Protections

Control Class – Operational Control

Awareness & Training

Contingency Planning

Incident Response

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