Best ways of Diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure

Diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure
Diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure

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Diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure.High blood pressure which is also referred to as hypertension is the excess pressure that occurs in the arteries components that transport blood from the heart and distributes it to the rest of the body. Hypertension is also known as a “silent disease “because it’s very rare to know that you have it. In hypertension there is usually no visible signs and thus harms the body and can lead to heart disease.

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Best ways of Diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure
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It is advisable to have your blood pressure monitored more often if in any case it has ever risen or exceeded the desired range or in your family there are cases of hypertension    

Diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure readings are given into two components:

  • The systolic pressure which is also called the top number equals the force in veins as the heart contracts.   
  • The diastolic pressure also known as the bottom number is the pressure in the blood vessels as the heart relaxes.

Normal blood pressure has to be 120/80 and is usually measured in (mm Hg) so it is simply expressed as 120/mm Hg and blood pressure is said to be high when it exceeds 130/80mm Hg.

Signs and symptoms associated to hypertension

In most cases, blood pressure does not show expose symptoms directly but once it becomes extremely high it can cause:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Exhaustion
  • Ringing in the ears

Diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure

This analysis depends on the outcomes of blood pressure readings so it has to be cautiously measured.

Treatment options for hypertension

1. Primary hypertension treatment

In primary hypertension, your health specialist may be adjusted in order to lower your high blood pressure and when it’s found that changes are not satisfying, or they stop being operational, your physician may end up prescribing medication for you.  

2. Secondary hypertension treatment options

When your health practitioner comes to realize that there are issues causing high blood pressure, cure will be focused on that other condition. For instance if the medicine you are taking is increasing blood pressure, your specialist will try other drugs that do not have any side effects.

At times cure for high blood pressure changes more often and what worked at first may become of no use over time. Your specialist will keep on working with you to improve your cure.   

Prescription for high blood pressure

Medications used to cure hypertension include:

Better-blockers: This makes your heart beat slower and with less force. This lowers the amount of blood pushed through your veins with every pulse that reduces blood pressure. It curbs other hormones found in your body that increases your blood pressure.      

Diuretics: Diuretics is also known as water pills that aid your kidneys excrete excess sodium from your body. As sodium gets away, additional fluid in your bloodstream moves into your urine which plays a great role of lowering your blood pressure.   

Angiotensin converting enzyme: This is a chemical that causes the artery as well as blood vessels walls to contract and relax. It prevents the body from generating excess of this element and aids the veins to reduce blood pressure.     

ARBs (Angiotensin II receptor blockers): The ARBs block angiotensin from joining up with receptors. With no help of these chemical, blood vessels cannot tighten and these are the ones that helps in relaxation of vessels and lowering of blood pressure.

Calcium channel blockers: These prescriptions block little calcium from getting into the cardiac muscles of your heart. This leads to lowering of blood pressure and these medicines work in the blood vessels making them to relax and later on lower blood pressure.  

Alpha-2 agonists: This treatment type changes the nerve impulses that make blood vessels to tighten then relax and it lowers blood pressure.

Home -cure for high blood pressure.

Some factors that cause hypertension can be controlled by healthy lifestyle. Below are a few of the most used home cure.

Developing healthy eating habits

Eating healthy is important in decreasing high blood pressure. It is also vital in managing high blood pressure that is under control and lowers the risk of complications. Complications associated are: Heart failure and stroke.

 A healthy diet stresses on meals that consists of:




Proteins e.g. fish

Increasing physical activity

If you are looking forward to attaining a healthy weight, you should consider being more physically active. Also, physical exercise can help in easing stress, reducing hypertension as you intend to be and also strengthen your blood system.  

Handling stress

Exercise is the best way of dealing with stress and other helpful activities include:


    Deep breathing

    Body work

    Muscle relaxation


These techniques are well-known to reduce stress. Sleeping to the fullest also aids in managing stress.

Implementing a cleaner lifestyle

In case you are a smoker you should try as much as possible to abandon smoking because chemical in tobacco harms the body tissues and cause hardening of blood vessels. Also if you are dependent to alcohol, you should ask for assistance on how you will have to minimize alcohol consumption or even stop it completely.

Dietary commendations for people with hypertension

   The most effective way of treating and preventing hypertension is by knowing the kind of food you are taking. Whatever you consume can easily end up lowering or doing away with hypertension completely.  Below are the most common recommendations of diet for people with high blood pressure.

Feed on minimum meat and more vegetables

A meal that contains plants is an easy way of lowering the amount of sodium and unhealthy soaked and Trans fat you consume as dairy foods and meat. You should increase the amount of proteins like white meat from fish, greens and fruits that you are feeding on.  

Minimize meals that contain sodium

Individuals with high blood pressure as well as those that are at the risk for heart disease may need to maintain their sodium consumption at the range of 1,500 mg to 2,300mg in a day. The most effective way of reducing sodium is to cook fresh meals more often. Keep off restaurant food since they are more of high in sodium.    

Keep away from sugary foods

Sugary foods and drinks comprise of unfilled calories but it lacks dietary content. In case you wish to take something sweet, take fresh fruits or chocolate that have not been added much sugar. It is said that taking dark chocolate may ease hypertension.   

Hypertension during pregnancy

Mothers with high blood pressure can give birth to healthy children even if they are ill. It can also be risky to the mother and the infant if the condition is not examined keenly and managed in this pregnancy period.  

These women who have hypertension are prone to developing problems. For instance, a pregnant woman who has high blood pressure is more likely to experience reduced kidney function. Infants born with mothers who have high blood pressure may end up to being born pre maturely or have a low birth weight. When women develop high blood pressure during pregnancy, this condition can be reciprocated to the child once he or she is born. Hypertension during pregnancy can raise your risk of developing hypertension later in life.


Expectant mothers with high blood pressure may develop preeclampsia during their pregnancy period. This condition can lead to kidney and other organ problems. It can result to high protein levels in urine, complications or even eye problems.     

The more the condition gets worse, the greater the risk of the mother and the child. Up to date, hypertension challenge in pregnancy is still a cause of maternal death in the United States.  

There is no known way to prevent preeclampsia, and the only way to treat the condition is to deliver the baby. If you develop this condition during your pregnancy, your doctor will closely monitor you for complications.

Effects of hypertension on the body

The most dangerous fact about hypertension is that it is a quiet disease that can lead to doing harm to your body for very many years before symptoms are seen. Once hypertension is not cured in good time, it may cause death.

Challenges of hypertension are:

Broken arteries

Arteries that are not weakened are usually flexible and strong .Blood flows freely through healthy arteries. Hypertension makes it simple for dietary fats to deposit in your veins and limit blood circulation. This can lead to blood blockages and later on bring about heart attack and stroke.   

Hypertension makes arteries tougher, tighter, and less elastic. This damage makes it easier for dietary fats to deposit in your arteries and restrict blood flow. This damage can lead to increased blood pressure, blockages, and, eventually, heart attack and stroke.

Damaged heart

Hypertension forces your heart to overwork. Increased pressure in your blood vessels forces your heart’s muscles to push frequently as well as with more force than the way a healthy heart is supposed to.

This can lead to an inflamed heart and it can increase the chances of:

  • Heart failure
  • Arrhythmias
  • Abrupt cardiac death
  • Heart attack

Impaired brain  

Your brain depends on a healthy supply of oxygenated blood to work accordingly. High blood pressure can lower your circulation of blood in the brain.  

Temporary blockages of blood circulation to the brain are known as transient ischemic attacks (TIAs).

A stroke is a significant blockage of blood circulation when brain cells die.

If blood pressure is not addressed, it can harm your memory and the ability to learn, remember things, speech as well as thinking capacity. Curing hypertension does not wipe away the effects of hysterical hypertension. It does therefore reduce the threats for future challenges.  

Prevention tips of hypertension

You can lower your threats of the condition through doing the following:

Eat healthy foods

Eat heart-healthy plants and target to eat more than eight types of fruits and vegetables every day and later on look forward to adding an extra fruit in a day for a period of a fortnight.

Once the two weeks are gone, plan to introduce another fruit .The target is to consume ten types of fruits and vegetables in a day.

Change your way of thinking on the usual dinner plate

Instead of taking meat, you can make a dish that uses meat as condiment. To simplify this, get a great amount of salad with a small portion of meat

Do away with sugar

Try as much as possible to stay away from sugary foods like yoghurt and soda. Don’t buy packed food since it has unwanted sugar that is always hidden so be very cautious when buying packed stuffs or rather read carefully the labels in it.

Set targets for your weight.

Instead of having an idea of losing weight, consult your doctor on the best healthy weight for you. The centers for disease control and prevention commends a weight loss to at least two pounds within a week. This means that you should reduce the amount of calories that you consume in a day. Make up your mind on the best exercise you can begin so that you can attain your goal.

Observe your blood pressure more often.

The safest way of avoiding complications and problems is to realize high blood pressure at an early age. You can your doctor for blood pressure reading or he or she can send you to buy a blood pressure cuff and take the results at home. Keep a record of your blood pressure readings and submit it to your doctor once you have an appointment and this can help you to have a view of any upcoming problem before it worsens.  

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