Diagnosis and treatment of Low blood pressure

Diagnosis and treatment of <a href=Low blood pressure” class=”wp-image-231327687″/>
Diagnosis and treatment of Low blood pressure

Diagnosis and treatment of Low blood pressure.Low blood pressure or hypo tension is the act of blood to flow in the structures of the body and thus signs and symptoms of hypo tension develop. Having low pressure without signs is dangerous.

Symptoms of low blood pressure

  • Low blood pressure is said to be risky if the signs and symptoms below are noticed:
  • Unsteadiness
  • Vomiting
  • Unconsciousness
  • Dehydration

Once the boy is dehydrated, it can lead to dropping of blood pressure. Low blood pressure is not only caused by dehydration but also extreme use of diuretics, fever, vomiting ,severe diarrhea and a serious condition in which the body loses a lot of water than it takes .

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Diagnosis and treatment of Low blood pressure
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  • Lack of concentration
  • Faint vision
  • Cold, clammy dark skin
  • Fast, deep breathing
  • Tiredness
  • Depression

Diagnosis and treatment of Low blood pressure

Basic causes of low blood pressure

Hypo tension is caused by:

    Being in bed all through

During parental period mostly in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy it is normal for blood pressure to be low.

 When blood volume in your body decreases through different cases like road accidents, dehydration or internal bleeding lowers the pressure of blood.  

  There are some medications that you can be given and are prone to lower blood pressure. These drugs include those that treat high blood pressure, Parkinson’s diseases and beta blockers, erectile dysfunction drugs, alcohol and those that have nicotine. When other medicine is taken together with high pressure medication, they can lead to low blood pressure.

When you are suffering from heart related issues like heart attack and heart failure your blood will not be in a position of circulating to perform its duties to your body, you are likely to suffer from low blood pressure.

 Dysfunction of the hormone- producing glands in the body’s endocrine systems, hypothyroidism, parathyroid and at times diabetes can lead to low blood pressure.

Septic shock –This occurs immediately bacteria leave the original site of an infection and enters into the blood. It then produces toxins that interfere with the performance of blood vessels causing a fatal drop in blood pressure. 

Allergic reactions such as anaphylactic shock that mostly takes place in people who are delicate in areas of drugs like the penicillin , foods like peanuts or stings either by a bee or a wasp. This reaction is associated by breathing problems, inflamed throat, irritation and a great drop in blood pressure. 

Neutrally mediated hypo tension and this condition bring about hypo tension after standing for so many hours leading to symptoms like faintness, nausea and dizziness. Neutrally mediated hypo tension mostly takes control over young people and arises due to miscommunication of the heart and brain.             

Lack of an important vitamin B-12 can also result to anemia which later on causes low blood pressure.

  Diagnosis of low blood pressure

The main objective of undergoing analysis of low blood pressure is to discover its main cause. Apart from medical history, physical exam and blood pressure check, you may be recommended for other tests like:

  • Blood assessment-This can help in giving out information concerning your general health and also suggest whether you have low blood pressure, diabetes or anemia all of which can cause lower than normal blood pressure.
  • Electrocardiogram – This is a painless procedure where electrodes are attached to the chest, arms and legs and the patches notice your hearts electrical signals as a certain machine records them on a piece of graph paper or shows them on a screen. 
  • An ECG a procedure that can be done in the office of your physician and it senses abnormalities in your heart beat, physical problems in your heart and issues with blood circulation to your heart and muscle. An ECG can also tell if you are having a heart attack or if you had experienced one before. 
  • Tilt table test- once you are found to have low pressure on standing from damaged brain signals, a tilt table test is used to assess how your body  reacts to changes in position. When test is performed on you, you lie on a table that is slanted too raise the upper part of your body which simulates the movement from horizontal to an upright posture.  

Treatment of low blood pressure

There is a possibility of not treating low blood pressure that does not show signs and symptoms or the signs are slight. When symptoms are visible now the treatment is given according to the cause for example, treatment is changed, lowered or stopped once you realize that the medication offered cause low blood pressure.

If it is not known what exactly causes your blood pressure to be low, or no single cure exists, the only choice is to raise your blood pressure then reduce signs and symptoms and this is only done depending on your age, health and type of low blood pressure you have and this can be done in quite a number of ways. 

 Use more salt- It is said by professionals that you should tale little amounts of salt in your diet since sodium can lead to rising of blood pressure but for those with low blood pressure, using more salt can work pretty well. Excess sodium can cause heart failure more so in older people and so it is advisable to check with your doctor before increasing salt in your meal. 

Take more water – The volume of blood is increased by fluids and also help prevent dehydration in which they are all important in the cure of low blood pressure.

Put on firm stockings- Elastic stockings are mostly used to ease pain and inflammation of varicose veins and also help in reducing blood from coming together in your feet. Some people prefer elastic abdominal binders to compression stockings. 

Use of medicines- there are drugs that can be used in lowering blood pressure once you stand.  For instance, there is this drug that is used in boosting blood volume and is often used to cure low blood pressure and this drug is known as fludrocortisone.

Midodrine drug is used by doctors in raising blood pressure levels in people who have chronic orthostatic hypo tension. I t works by limiting your blood vessels to expand, thus blood pressure rises. 

Living standards for people with low blood pressure and home cure

You can be able to reduce or prevent symptoms of low blood pressure when you understand the reason behind lowering of blood.

  • Consume a lot of water and take less alcohol since alcohol is dehydrating and can easily lower blood pressure even if you take it with control. Water therefore increases the volume of blood and fights dehydration.
  • Pay attention to your body on what postures do you keep it. Slowly move from a lying to a standing posture and don’t sit while your feet are crossed. 
  • Once you get symptoms while upright, you can cross your thighs in a scissors way then squeeze or place one of your leg on a chair and lean far away from your body and this boosts blood to flow from your legs to the heart.
  • Low quantities of food also help in preventing blood pressure from dropping greatly after meals. Also consider taking these small portions for a number of times in a day and try to exclude high-carbohydrate foods like potatoes, rice and bread.  
  • Caffeinated coffee can also be advisable and you can take at least two cups in the morning. Caffeine can lead to dehydration so it is not recommendable to be consumed the whole day.
  • Exercise frequently- Exercising for at least thirty minutes or more increases the rate of your heart and resistance movement for at least two to three days a week. Avoid as much as possible not to exercise in hot temperatures   

Getting ready for your appointment

There is no specific time that should be followed for you to have your blood pressure checked. In case you doubt the medication you are taking, kindly do not stop taking it without your doctor’s consent. Below is basic information that you should consider once you need to prepare for your appointment.

Create a list of:

  • Your symptoms and do not omit any sign that is likely not to correspond with those of low blood pressure and the time they appear.
  • Personal information, including family’s history of low blood pressure and stress or current life changes.   
  • Make a list of all supplements or any other vitamins you are taking not forgetting the doses.
  • Questions to ask your doctor

Important questions to ask your doctor about low blood pressure.

What is more likely to be the cause of my symptoms?

What are other potential causes?

What tests do I require?

What’s the suitable treatment?

For how long should I be checked for low blood pressure?

How can I manage both low blood pressure and other illnesses in case I find out I have other health issues?

Are there limitations that I require to follow

If you have any other questions do not shy off asking.

What to expect from your doctor

  • There is a high possibility of your doctor asking various questions like:
  • Have your symptoms been recurring?
  • How serious are your signs?
  • What if anything is more likely to improve your symptoms?
  • What if there is something that tends to make your condition become worse?
  • Is there a history of low blood pressure in your family?
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