Drivers and Motorists Responses


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Drivers and Motorists Responses
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—–Answer all 5 questions below, beginning with the ones that are most appealing to you.

1) The assumption is that “…we are all rational people – right?” We have a choice to fight or flee when faced with adversarial circumstances, such as road rage. However when adrenaline kicks in, for many people, all human rationale and reasoning may go out the window. With that said, tell us about a road rage experience that you, (awww…. sorry, not you but your cousin or best friend, yeah right) may have had, have heard of, from close friends and relatives or have witnessed. You may only share circumstances appropriate for college online class. No one is allowed to share any prosecutable criminal behavior.

2) After watching the video clips, what are your thoughts about displaced anger and road rage? Here’s an example of displaced anger scenario. As the supervisor just learned his wife has been cheating on him, an employee walks into his office to a ask question just after he learned of the situation. The supervisor yells at the employee for lack of understanding. The employee goes home and yells at his kid out of frustration of having to work for an angry boss. The kid kicks the dog that runs outside and bites the cat…..etc. – you get the idea.

3) For many of us, our parents taught, “….if it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone” (KJV). You know, the typical parental pep-talk of “let it go, it’s not worth it….” – right?, of course! But if all fails, don’t run from a fight, especially bullies; otherwise, they may never stop bothering you. With that said and aside from calling the police, how would you react if a person continues to follow you for many miles with ill-intent to provoke you into a road rage altercation?

4) Aside from stating the obvious advice, like, don’t make eye contact with angry drivers, call the cops, or keep your car windows rolled up, tell us what you would say to person who is almost always involved in a road rage but always has the perception of being the innocent bystander. You know, the innocent victim mentality of “it wasn’t my fault” or “they provoked me to road rage.”

5) Yes, no one can make you do what you don’t want to do. However, there are instances where others can be provoked into road rage. What do you think are some of the personality traits or behavioral attributes of people who provoke others into road rage or instigate road rage?

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