Female Genital Mutilation and Male Circumcision Discussion


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Female Genital Mutilation and Male Circumcision Discussion
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In complete sentences answer the following questions. Note the point value for each question and answer accordingly.

What is the difference between male and female circumcision? [2 pts]

Explain the four types of FGM. [6pts]

Do circumcision and FGM involve removal of erogenous tissue? Explain. [3]

For BOTH circumcision and FGM, explain each of the following justifications for the procedure. Provide brief details for each. [12 points]


Sexual benefits



Health benefits/hygiene

Social concerns/aesthetics

Considering the reasons for circumcision in question 4 – what, if any, are acceptable reasons for male circumcision? [3 pts]

If you are/want to be a parent, would you consider circumcising your son(s)? Explain why. [2 pts]

Is circumcision performed with or without consent of the child, person or adult performed on? Explain [2 pts]

If circumcision and FGM are performed at consent/request of parent – Do you think a parent/guardian has the right to make this type of decision? Why or why not? [2pts]

Are circumcision and FGM performed by an adult who is circumcised? Explain [2 pts]

How are the effects of FGM minimized by those who support it? [what was said in the documentaries] [2 pts]

Under what conditions are circumcision and FGM performed? What kind of tools, anesthesia, professional, celebrations? Refer to the differences in the documentaries/videos and discussed in class. Discuss for each circumcision and FGM, be thorough and detailed. [6 pts]

What are the long term psychological, emotional and/or mental effects of circumcision and FGM? [3 pts]

What long-term physical harm or debility can be caused by circumcision and FGM? [sex, intimacy, childbirth, etc.] [3 pts]

What is one country where FGM is performed? Does this country have laws prohibiting FGM? What is being done to prevent FGM? [2}

Use the AHA Foundation (ahafoundation) https://www.theahafoundation.org/ to answer the following:

What are current views, opinions, concerns, ideas, statistics, etc. regarding female genital mutilation? Be thorough and detailed (if you need, you can also use other website information for this question) [6 pts]

What are the current strengths and weaknesses of anti-FGM legislation in the U.S.? [4 pts]

Explain three recommendations to end FGM in the U.S.? Do you think these would work here – explain why? [6 pts]

What are your personal views on FGM and male circumcision? [4 pts]

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