FIU Risk of Genocide in Ukraine Discussion


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FIU Risk of Genocide in Ukraine Discussion
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A central component of this course is to learn about current global social problems.

Each student will develop expertise on a particular global social problem by following current events on that particular topic/problem throughout the term. You will be able to choose or be assigned a topic/problem for the entire term. Please do your own research about that topic/problem and know what it is and all that it entails. Each week you will write an entry (400 to 500 words) on a current newsworthy topic in your problem area. You must also blend in the new information that you are reading about/learning about for that week or previous weeks of the class as well. There has to be a clear infusion of that material into your blog/discussion.

This story should be GLOBAL in nature, not from the U.S.A. If you turn in one from the U.S.A., then you will receive a ZERO for that discussion/blog. The only exception is if your home country is not the U.S.A. If then, you may use the U.S.A. and not your home country to find information about your topic. Your goal is to become an expert on the problem for the term.

Each week you will find at least one event in the news from that week and write a summary and a brief analysis of the significance of the event(s) and infuse the topics that we are learning in class, your readings, and/or have learned in the World course.

Please be insightful, bringing out intersecting points with classroom material. Please DO NOT just summarize the article. There must be evidence that shown that you know what you are talking about—to do that you need to do research over your topic area and in the country where that week’s article is about. Please do not use too many quotes from the exact article—practice paraphrasing in your own words. T

. You will provide a working citation (web link) to your source(s) for that week. Please include your name, the date and time of the post, and the topic of the title of the blog. Again, list the source as a web link (URL) at the end of your blog. That article again needs to be current and happened at least within the last two weeks. (There are several topics that could go back one to two months, but the professor will let those students know.)

You will need regular access to a serious news source. Many online news sources, including online news databases (such as LexisNexis) and major national newspapers, can be found through or Watch that your source is reputable. You cannot use agency reports, foundation reports, or journal articles.

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