Florida Southwestern State College History Essay


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Florida Southwestern State College History Essay
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Assignment Question:

Using lecture material, the printed textbook (Chapter 19), and the OER textbook (Chapter 2), answer the following question: What were the major social effects of the Industrial Revolution in nineteenth-century Europe?

Note: You may use Friedrich Engels’s “Industrial Manchester,” but it is not required.

Reading Material: Chapter 2


General Instructions:

Citation Guidelines:
Since you are using only in-class source materials for essay assignments, you do not have to include a bibliography or works cited page.  Use parenthetical citations to reference your sources.  Parenthetical citations should be placed at the end of the sentence or passage in which the source material is cited.  After the first full citation of a source, you may shorten the title of the document and use the author’s last name in subsequent citations, as indicated below.  Lecture material must be cited, too.
Printed textbook:        (William J. Duiker and Jackson J. Spielvogel, World History, vol. 2, 700)
                                  (Duiker, World History, 700)
OER textbook:            (Christopher Brooks, Western Civilization: A Concise History, vol. 3, 300)
                                   (Brooks, Western Civilization, 300)
Lecture material:         (Lauren Madak, “The Industrial Revolution,” PowerPoint Presentation)
                                   (Madak, “Industrial Revolution”)
Primary source:           (Friedrich Engels, “Industrial Manchester,” Internet History Sourcebook)
                                   (Engels, “Manchester”)

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