Fundamentals of Algebra Questions


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Fundamentals of Algebra Questions
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Helpful hints for Homework assignment #4
1) Factor out your GCF then expand GCF( )
2) This is your “shared binomial rule
3) Factor out your GCF first, then look for the “difference of two squares”
4) Factore out your GCF first then look for the “difference of two squares” TWICE!
5) Trinomials almost always factor into 2 binomials; in this case, you are able to use your product/sum rule
6) Same as #5, but factor out the -1 first
7) You cannot use the product/sum rule on this one because the leading co-efficient is not one. You’ll need to go the trial and error route. The good thing is there’s only one way to multiply two terms together to get both 2b-squared and 2c-squared
8) This one has multiple solutions; remember it’s always easier to factor out the GCF first
9) I’ve already factored this trinomial for you. Simply set each binomial = to zero then solve. You will have two solutions for this one
10) First factor, then follow the instructions for #9

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