Grossmont College Teenage Pregnancy Essay


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Grossmont College Teenage Pregnancy Essay
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Teenage pregnancy and/or at-risk pregnancies


Lung cancer

  • TASK 2
  • Write a 2-4 (double-spaced) page paper that addresses the following:
  • A brief overview of the health topic, including a description of the condition and incidence/prevalence (Links to an external site.) trends in the U.S. Note observed disparities in incidence and prevalence. 

A discussion about social and other determinants of health related to your topic, and how it relates to observed disparities. For example, you may discuss the relationship between race, gender, and SES and how these factors influence your chosen health topic. Also provide an explanation for why differences exist between groups.

Y will need to discuss 3 determinants for full points.

A brief description of current or proposed solutions addressing the topic and/or decreasing disparities related to the topic. This can include government policies, organizational efforts, etc. If no policies exist, provide a suggestion for possible policies that can be implemented. 

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