Harrison Middleton University Absolute Zero Summary


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Harrison Middleton University Absolute Zero Summary
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1. research the history and use of Absolute Zero

After you have researched and read multiple sources, summarize in your discussion post what you have learned. Reflect on what you learned by talking about what you found interesting and how it may have changed your perspective on math. References to a minimum of 2 sources are required

2. Reflect on the applications of math equations such as interest. How have you used interest most in your life, or would be the most useful? How can math help you solve problems? Explain your reasoning. Follow this up with a made-up word problem for your application of choice.

3. Make sure you are giving details and explaining each step in your post.

  • Research the sales or revenue for a company and write 2 ordered pairs in the form (year, dollars).
  • Find the slope between those two points and interpret what it means in context for the company you chose.
  • Use Point-Slope Form to write the equation of the line between these points.
  • Use your equation to predict future sales or revenue, and discuss whether you think your prediction will be accurate and why/why not?
  • 4. pick a batter off of the list. Convert the average exit velocity for that batter from mph to ft/s (use Google).
  • Assuming the ball is hit at about 3.5 ft off the ground, plug your velocity V subscript 0 into the position equation s equals space minus 16 t to the power of 2 space end exponent plus space v subscript 0 t space plus space 3.5
  • Find the ordered pair for the vertex of the equation. What is the meaning of this ordered pair in the context of a fly ball?
  • Discuss how you think real-world parameters such as angle, wind speed, etc. may affect the vertex and the equation. How do you think this equation could be helpful for coaches and players?

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