HRM 531 Business Presentation


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HRM 531 Business Presentation
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1.The study shows that 99% of the wages of the average workers are stagnating

2.The statistics also indicate how the average wages arrived at in various nations. It is arrived at by determining the average taxes by the total number. It is arrived at by determining the average total wages per annum out of the full time-dependent equivalent employee. This is obtained by dividing.

3.The study also showed that more than 77 countries including the United States have an average income of the 64,000 USD. The average income is arrived at by determining the gross national income by the total population

4.The study also showed that Luxembourg is a nation that has the highest salaries for the workers.

5.The study also indicated that the United States of America has more than 25% of the global GDP.

6.The study also indicated that Switzerland has outstanding fame for the production of the chocolate, watches Alps among others.

7.Other nations that have the leading pay for the workers are Australia, Denmark, Canada, and Norway.

8.The research indicated that the average salary around the world is 1, 480 USD per month. This value is less than the 18000 USD per year. However, it should be noted that the average salary of the USA is not determined in the normal USD currency of the United States of America.

9.The study also showed that an average stock salary in Germany was 3800 Euros per month. The data grows these results because the level of the taxable income is not readily included.

Employee compensation usually is comprised of two outstanding components. It comprises of the wages as well as the salaries that are payable as in terms of the cash or payable in kind. It is also determined by the values of the contributions that are socially contributed by the employers (Hassan, 2016). That particular indicator is explained as a determination of the value and also as a percentage of the gross value. It is usually broken down or added by the industry, agriculture as well as other services (Berber & Slavic, 2018). It takes in scope the effect of fishing as well as the forestry (Ellmer & Rachael, 2018). The employee compensation activity is comprised of major two outstanding constituents. It comprises of the gross salaries as well as the gross wages that are always paid in cash or other kinds of payment. The data in the global wage database show major outstanding indicators. The data shows wages and salaries from the year 1995 to the year 2013. The data is an indication of the minimum wages, the average real wage growth, average real wages, and the nominal wages. The previous year indicated the information regarding the data of the report of the global wages. The report was combined with additional indicators. Examples of the indicators are the inequality wages indicated by the decide, low pay as well as the wages by sex. It should be noted that the report was published in the year 2013/2012. Since then, the indicator compilation is now done on an annual basis. The law databases are strategic towards the provision of the legal data that is relevant. It also provides all the relevant legal information regarding the minimum wages. This database outlines the specifications for each country not only for the procedures initiating for the fixing of the minimum wages but also information is concerning the minimum wages.

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