IIT Social Science Childcare System Essay


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IIT Social Science Childcare System Essay
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The ouline paper requirement and outline paper is attached below.

There is no page requirements to how long but the paper is supposed to be developed using part b-e of outline paper. font 12 pt. Develop a well written essay on childcare in urban areas. Probably 6 pages at least. The presentation was broad we need to narrow it down and focus on some things. Also, case studies aren’t strong enough, need to have more. The instructor has provided feedback on the presentation. Please use the feedback towards the final paper.


Childcare in urban areas. You have a very broad paper emerging, and I am wondering if it might be better to focus on particular issues, or priority issues. Also, it’s not clear to me from the presentation how much you’re using scholarly literature toward this and I want to make sure that’s included in a solid literature review that builds out the theme of the paper.

You launch into the paper with probably a broader range of issues than I was expecting, considering earlier discussions on matters such as after-school care. Issues you identify include lack of affordability, access, informal employment limiting time spent with children, lack of government support to put up childcare services, limited provider interest (but define this last one a big more clearly) — they’re all significant factors, but may add up to a broader paper.

The summary of existing childcare policies raises the question of whether they’re broad enough. For those with the money to definitively cover it, it’s not an issue but for many it will be very significant. You also mention education programming and practice, with children taught basic skills like coloring and drawing in some early childhood programs. One other angle is that school in the US starts at a somewhat late age, raising the stakes of how daycare/preschool is in terms of educational quality. I recall growing up in the UK that I was in pre-school from age 3 1/2 to 4 1/2, and what I remember is basically play — though I also read very early, before I could talk; I don’t recall how connected that was with preschool — and then to kindergarten equivalent at the end of that year. Most kids in the US are starting kindergarten six months to a year later than that, and with such a late start, I would suspect that even things like reading become very significant as to whether they’re being provided at preschool/daycare or not. There’s an enormous difference in both cost and quality as to whether kids are just being minded at daycare or they actually have something resembling a teacher.

Then there’s health and safety, ensuring children are safe, monitoring them, chapteroning them, administering medications e.g. for athsma. This is a much more basic condition, and figures into what regulation there is of daycare providers.

You bring up collaborative partnerships, albeit briefly. What role do you see for these? If we’re talking daycares and preschools, should they be one and the same, or one evolving into the other as the kid goes through age 2, 3, 4?

There’s a section on cultural and political influences on policy outcomes — indicating a positive correlation between a healthy culture and a healthy environment. Certainly logical, though throwing in a built environment angle as well brings a very significant addition and possibly change in direction for the paper. You may need to pick battles here, though I think this is an interesting question in its own right and one that’s possibly easier to place in an urban studies context than a more specific dive into how early childhood instruction is being handled.

In conclusion, this is a fairly holistic analysis of how a city should be child friendly. It’s broader in practice than the paper you pitched at the outset.

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