Indiana Wesleyan University Philosophy Essay


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Indiana Wesleyan University Philosophy Essay
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Getting Started

MacAdam also provides tools to help you reflect on leadership. Perhaps you have read a great deal about leadership. Bookstores offer many books that try to teach leadership. Others have written more comprehensively than MacAdam.

But MacAdam did not try to tell you everything about leadership. He wanted to get you thinking about your commitment to leadership. He wanted to push you to think about your specific habits and traits that promote or impede your ability to lead.

Many ethical pitfalls await leaders. If you have not intentionally thought through the way your personal life purpose, vision, and values should be embodied in leadership, then you become more vulnerable to ethical failure.


  • File: Intentional integrity.PDF: Aligning your life with God’s values


  1. Use the survey on page 87 as a guide as you develop your own Leadership Credo.
  2. When you have completed this assignment, save a copy for yourself and submit the assignment using the link below or the Activities button.
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