Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems Question


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Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems Question
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1. Identify and discuss the key organizational levels relevant to inventory
management and warehouse management.

2. Discuss the key master data relevant to warehouse management.

3. Define the four types of goods movements in IM, and provide an example
of each type.

4. Explain the material and financial accounting impacts of goods movements
in IM.

5. Analyze the differences between one-step and two-step stock transfers.

6. Identify several possible scenarios for stock transfers, and explain the key
differences between these scenarios.

7. What is a stock transport order used for? What are the advantages of
using a stock transport order?

8. Explain the differences between using stock transport orders without
delivery, with delivery, and with delivery and billing.
9. Describe the steps in the warehouse management process in terms of
triggers, tasks, data, and outcomes.

10. Explain the role of the warehouse management process as it relates to
(1) the procurement process, (2) the fulfillment process, and (3) the
production process.

11. Explain the relationship between storage location inventory and bin

12. Describe the different options for the order of postings in WM and IM and
the consequences of each option on IM and WM inventory status.

13. Identify the key reports available in warehouse management and the
significant information found in these reports…

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