Interpersonal Racism and White Privilege Discussion


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Interpersonal Racism and White Privilege Discussion
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3.5 Discussion Forum: Race in the Twenty-First Century (GRADED DISCUSSION)

After watching the film clip “Race: The Power of an Illusion,” use one concept from Chapter 1 of the Desmond & Emirbayer to discuss the journey of race formation in the USA.

Think about all the aspects of your identity, other than your race and ethnicity, such as your gender, religion, nationality. What part of your identity is most salient to you? Explore, in a reflexive fashion, why this is, paying close attention to how your multiple identities intersect with one another. 

Consider the list of conditions of White Privilege created by Peggy McIntosh. Which privilege surprised you the most? Explain.

Continuing with White Privilege by McIntosh, pick one privilege you have benefitted from, regardless of your race/ethnicity, and analyze critically. 

What does intersectionality mean to you? Can you think of ways in which you do not identify with some members of your race (or ethnicity, gender, religion, etc.) because of another aspect of your identity? For example, perhaps many members of your racial group fail to tolerate your religious preference, or maybe, some members of your gender just do not understand your sexual orientation.

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