KU Wk4 Health & Medical Learning to Manage Stress for Optimum Health Paper


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KU Wk4 Health & Medical Learning to Manage Stress for Optimum Health Paper
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  •  read the Psychology Discussion requirements fully, then read Read pages 419 – 422
    Coon et al. (2022) mentions the relationship between stress and health and the importance of learning positive measures to ensure our physical and mental well-being. Coon et al. (2022) explain a stressor is a condition or event that challenges or threatens a person. Coon et al. (2022) state that burnout occurs when workers are physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. This highlights the importance of knowing good coping skills and setting boundaries for ourselves where our obligations are concerned. Take the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRSS) on page 420.ReferencesCoon, D., Mitterer, J.O., & Martini, T. (2022). Introduction to psychology: Gateways to mind and behavior (16th ed.). Cengage Learning.For this week’s main post, answer all of the following questions after taking the SRSS on page 420 of your textbook. 

    • What did you learn about yourself?
    • What stressors and or “hassles” do you recognize in your life?
    • What measures can you take in order to lower your stress and optimize your health and well being?
    • How will this enable you to become a more productive student? 
    • **You might also enjoy visiting: http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/self-help-tools or here: http://marc.ucla.edu/ for more information and self-help. To post to the discussion, click on the title Week 4 Psy Discussion Forum and then Create Thread.
  • My Disease Risk Factors
    JournalClick for more optionsMy Disease Risk FactorsFamilySo many diseases can be prevented if you assess your risk factors and consult your medical professional early on. Visit the Washington University School of Medicine’s Siteman Cancer Center website (Direct Link: https://siteman.wustl.edu/prevention/ydr/?ScreenControl=YDRGeneral&ScreenName=YDRHome.htm) to assess your risk of the following diseases:
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes
    • Heart Disease
    • Osteoporosis
    • Stroke
    1. Take at least one of the disease risk assessments.
    2. Write about describing the results and what you learned.
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