LAVC Alt-Right Groups Threaten American Democracy Discussion


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LAVC Alt-Right Groups Threaten American Democracy Discussion
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There are a couple of ways you might go about writing your position paper. First, you could adopt the position of a particular organization or forum, political party or institution in the debate. These include the Southern Poverty Law Center, Oath  Keepers, Three Percenters, Proud Boys, American Renaissance, American Civil Liberties Association, NAACP, and Anti-Defamation League, amongst others. Second, you could focus on particular issues associated with the Alt-Right movement.  So, you could focus on the connections between the Republican party and Alt-Right groups, or political conservatism and the Alt-Right, public support for the Alt-Right movement, the extent to which racism, hate and extremism motivates the movement, the alternative threat of the Antifa movement and its relationship to the Democratic Party and political liberalism, the legitimacy of Alt-Right grievances and claims, its relationship to Donald Trump, the extent to which White Americans are disadvantaged and need group representation based on race, the role of Alt-Right groups in the Jan. 6th insurrection, demographic factors and immigration and their relationship to the Alt-Right, international factors related to globalization and refugees that relate to the Alt-Right, the European experience with the Alt-Right, the social, political and policy objectives of the Alt-Right, the extent to which multiculturalism is desirable, the role of identity politics, separatism and supremacy in Alt-Right claims, amongst others.

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