LAVC Management motivation theory Question


Discussion essay 10: Your motivation theory and why

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After reading the chapter on motivation and the powerpoint, reflect on what you have learned.

Which of the motivation theories appeals to you the most? You must choose among the following theories (see powerpoint):

  1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  2. McGregor Theory X and Theory Y
  3. Herzberg Two Factor Motivation-Hygiene Theory
  4. Equity Theory (J. Adams)
  5. Expectancy Theory (Vroom)

a. Which motivation theory makes most sense to you to use when you become a manager (if you are not a supervisor or manager already)?

b. Provide two core reasons why you are choosing this motivation theory.

c. Now reflect about your own personal/professional life. Have you personally experienced increased motivation because of the motivation theory you chose? Briefly describe this event in your life. What happened? Mention one way based on which this event increased your motivation.