Legal Aspects of Business Questionnaire


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Legal Aspects of Business Questionnaire
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A reasonable person to the law is a standard applied by the courts in cases of occurrence of harm out of carelessness or unintentionally. When the courts assess the plaintiffs, they determine whether the defendants have caused harm and whether the plaintiffs are entitled to compensation packages as a result of the suffered injuries.The reasonable person standard has many benefits to the law. It helps reduce reasonably, the foreseeable risks. As per the courts, reasonable people will carefully avoid causing foreseeable injury risks to others. It helps determine the severity and likelihood of damages. Reasonable people will often tend to take great care and precaution when the severity and possibilities of damages are robust, unlike when they are negligible. It helps in consideration of liability prevention costs by determination of negligence. The courts can balance the damages severity and likelihood with the cost measures considerations required to neutralize and reduce risks. In the course material, the reasonable person plays several roles in various suits subjected to the courts. The Wilde v. Cambie Malone- Corporation employs the reasonable person where the courts determined that the restaurant neglected its duty and failed to protect the plaintiff sufficiently. Here, a lady was hit by an umbrella belonging to the restaurant that was airlifted by the wind. In Bolton vs Stone case where an individual standing on the road next to a cricket pitch was hit by the cricket ball. The court ruled that the club did not neglect its duty because there was minimal injury occurrence in the previous number of years. In Moule vs. The New Brunswick- Electric- Power Commission, the power company was not held liable when the young boy fell and came in contact will electric wires because they had taken caution by having the cables installed above the ground with the removal of tree branches. The court ruled that the trees get removed to reduce the occurrence of young boys climbing on them

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