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Marketing Project Paper
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Part 2 concentrates on developing and writing a creative brief to develop a key message for a new creative social campaign for your chosen brand/business or non-profit. You will also learn how to design and write engaging social content, either in a social post or a social media ad template. You will also critique your chosen company/brand’s current social media posts, and compare a “before” social post that you identified from your social media audit from your chosen brand/business/non-profit to a newly created “after” mock social post/social ad and how you used the tools recommended to you to improve their social media content creation. Like the individual story board assignment in Week 5, you will now develop a video story board for your team project, with a description of your video idea, and how it will be planned out in your story board template using “Storyboard that!” tool. You will also provide a draft of your editorial approach for your content planning calendar, using the template provided. The objective for this component of the project is to provide a well-written creative strategy to articulate the key message or unique selling proposition for your new social content and short format video idea. Your goal is to maintain an integrated marketing communications strategy when proposing a key message or unique selling proposition for your chosen brand/business/non-profit. You are also asked to write a clear editorial approach which will explain how you will use each social media channel to achieve your SMART Business, Marketing, Communication and Engagement objectives that you developed during Part One of the team project. There are examples to follow for your reference for all sections of this Part Two project submission in the Course Project link.

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