MGT487 GBC Business Plan Proposal Essay


Group Project – Business Plan

* I, myself, Mary, am responsible for two sections of the business plan: The Harvest strategy segment & The Milestone Schedule segment

This is a group assignment that involves working together to create this document. Your case will be assigned to you from the business pitch competition.

Please see pages 306 and 307 in the textbook for an outline of the business plan, and at the bottom of pages 307 to 312 is an evaluation of your business plan to help you with your presentation.

As a group, you will be working on the project management of this task.

Each person is assigned two sections of the business plan:

-Business description segment (Lisa)
-Marketing segment (Lisa)
-Operations segment (Lucas)
-Management segment (Samantha)
-Financial segment (Samantha)
-Critical-Risks segment (Lucas)
-Harvest strategy segment (Mary)
-Milestone Schedule Segment (Mary)
-Appendix (Dylan)
-Executive summary (Dylan)

I, myself, (Mary) am responsible for the Harvest strategy segment and the Milestone Schedule segment.

I have attached screenshots of some pages in the textbook showing the ‘elements of a business plan’ and more detail of the two specific sections that I am responsible for completing :


Our group is required to create a business plan for P.U.G. Lockers (pick-up grocery lockers). I have included the Business Description for P.U.G Lockers below. My job is to create the Milestone Schedule and a Harvest Strategy for building the P.U.G Lockers company.


P.U.G. Locker’s

Business Description

There are so many different grocery pick up options out there which makes it a tough market for those trying to get a jump in. If you look at the schedule for grocery delivery and pick up options there is an opening for something new. P.U.G Lockers, which is short for pick-up grocery lockers, allows the customer to pick up their groceries from temperature controlled lockers. This option gives a customer a chance to do their shopping and pick up during non-operating hours at their own convenience. The lifestyle of people today is so fast paced with juggling odd work hours and home life that it can be hard to find time to do grocery shopping. P.U.G. Locker’s is targeting customers who have a busy schedule and need the convenience to do their shopping when they want to at any given time.

The idea of P.U.G. Locker’s was created for convenience and having another alternative option to picking up groceries. Society is constantly evolving at a more fast paced lifestyle and that brings higher demand for grocery pick-up and delivery options. Currently the 11 most popular grocery delivery options are Instacart, Walmart+, Stop & Shop, Shipt, FreshDirect, Thrive Market, Boxed, Misfits Market, Imperfect Foods, Umamicart, and Public goods (Tarlton & Campbell, 2022). These options are great but dont always work with a customer’s schedule to be present at the time of delivery. P.U.G. Locker’s option will allow the customer to have free range on what grocery items they are needing that are in stock at that specific store. The other grocery delivery options are limited to mostly non-perishable items. Our mission at P.U.G Locker’s is to bring more time and freedom with consumer purchases.

P.U.G Lockers is a service business that would be offered to retail stores that have products needing to be refrigerated. The locker unit would be installed outside a secured area of the facility. The locker has different compartments for temperature control depending on your grocery items. The unit is securely locked and can only be accessed from the pad screen with a unique identification code or scannable barcode that is linked to the customer’s pick-up. Let’s say the customer is unable to pick-up till 3am, the customer picks the items they want on the store app as they do for grocery pick up. Arrive at the designated stall and enter or scan their designated code.