Miami University Physics Worksheet


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Miami University Physics Worksheet
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When you get to lab class, create a copy of this google doc (链接到外部网站。) and share it with your group members. Work together with your group to answer the questions in the lab doc, you can find instructions in the module introduction, and your TA may have more information for you at the beginning of the period.

Please ask your TA if you have any questions or if anything is unclear!

submission instructions

Once you have finished the assignment, download a pdf copy of your assignment to submit. Only submit 1 copy per group, as everyone in the group will get the same grade. Ask your TA if you need help downloading the pdf copy.

grading information

Responses will be graded for correctness, or in cases where there is no one correct answer, for completeness and relevance. Questions which ask you to explain will be graded on the quality of the explanation. For example, if the question asks to explain any sources of error, the response “human error” or “air resistance” would be worth no points. Response such as “there was human error that arose when making repeated measurements, and the device may not have been set up exactly the same way for each trial”, or “air resistance could have changed the measurement for our pendulum swing, as one of our group mates was blowing on the pendulum the whole time.”

You have one week after a grade is posted to ask for regrading on an assignment, and the most recent submission will be graded. Late work will be penalized.

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