Nothern Virginia Community College Roman Engineering Discussion


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Nothern Virginia Community College Roman Engineering Discussion
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Visit the following websites on Ancient Roman buildings and monuments:




Now with the information from the above websites, go to your lecture notes and your textbook to answer the following.

  • Discuss Roman ingenuity in a building. 
    • Discuss a building or monument that illustrates how the Romans made technical and engineering advancements.
    • These can include the Pantheon, Colosseum, aqueducts, baths, etc.
    • Be sure to discuss HOW the engineering made it possible for the structure to be built and to function.  

The Ancient Romans made revolutionary advancements in architecture by taking inspiration from the Ancient Greeks and Etruscans, and some of their architecture is still standing to this day. The Ancient Romans influenced modern architecture with the use of concrete, arches, domes, and vaults. Examples of this architecture are the Aqueducts and the Ancient Roman Baths.

The Aqueducts were constructed in order to bring a constant flow of water into the cities of Rome, supplying public baths, fountains, and homes, and serving water for mining, manufacturing, and agriculture. They were made out of stone, brick, and concrete and fed into high-pressure lead and ceramic pipes. Most of the aqueducts had sedimentation and distribution tanks that regulated the water supply.

The Ancient Romans emulated many of the Greeks bathing practices, but the Romans surpassed the Greeks in the size and engineering of their public baths. With the construction of the aqueducts, the Romans had enough water to use for their leisure time. The baths contained 640 kilometers of aqueducts to provide heated water- a huge engineering feat for the time. The baths even had a frigidarium (cold room) with a tank of cold water.

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