10 Best facts for environmental science for a nursing essay

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Nursing essay:Environmental science main focus is on learning the environment and offering answers to challenges facing it adversely. In case you are searching for ideas to write a nursing essay on environmental science, the guide below contains interesting and extremely informative certainty that is supposed to propel your line of thought.

  1. Although studies that are in line with ecology do not specifically come under the line of environmental science, it is always studied deeply under the same shade.

Ecologists learn about interactions between different types of organisms and how it all impacts the surroundings. Ecological learning and research that normally focus on environmental challenges directly affecting a specific organism they are studying. A scientist in the field of environment has a choice of incorporating organism-based research in their niche, like some do while others don’t. The reason a few do not is because they are fond of focusing on environmental challenges of physical nature.

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10 Best facts for environmental science for a nursing essay
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Like acid wastes ejections that are released by emissions and are a risk to the environment around them. These observations are made without reviewing the effect on organisms.

  • The environment is a very extensive area of study which contains various smaller fields like natural, cultural, and constructed environments. The study is a combination of other different fields like biology, chemistry, geology, political studies, economics, engineering and law. This multi niche study combines all the pre-mentioned fields to collect information about humans interact with natural environment. An environmental science student amalgamates knowledge of different fields and offers the required and helpful solutions to environmental challenges.
  • The challenge of different consumption of original resources in brought up through the field of environmental science. Natural materials are used heavily in the advanced countries and resources always go to advancing countries.

Although it is supposed to be the opposite, the utilization of staffs per person in advanced countries is 50 times bigger compared to the total usage in advanced countries. This is why advanced countries are responsible for 75% of the globe’s greenhouse emissions and industrial waste.

  • Cutting down of trees is heated topic of attention in environmental science studies.  Deforestation is practiced for various reasons like creation of agricultural land, growing crops, commercial logging, settlement establishment, establishment of mining sites and expansion of infrastructure.

Although the benefits of all the above-mentioned reasons are important, there are some environmental challenges that are brought about by deforestation, such as shortage of food, environmental instability, escalating levels of CO2 and siltation, floods, key changes on weather pattern reduction in biodiversity, dehydration of forest soil and global warming.

  • As stated by United Nations, water is fundamental human right and cannot be considered an “economic commodity”. Nevertheless, environmental science, has made us to believe that the utilization pattern of water is raising ascendingly.

There is shortage of water popping around the corner that will always have a negative impact on the world. The rate of consumption is double the rate of population growth while the rising of the population that raises alarm of over a billion people not having access to fresh water. It is evaluated that at around 2025, the demand for fresh water will rise to more than 56%.

  • Environmental science has enhanced the possibility of us studying the decrease of groundwater. Population rate have risen significantly while everyday fresh water demand has grown by 3800 cubic kilometers.

A few agriculturists have been using extreme amounts of water for farming. Cutting down of trees along the hill slopes can bring about the loss of forest cover, resulting to loss of rain water that feed the ground. Power generation has also highly contributed to loss of groundwater.

  • According to study by different environmental scientists production of food is not enough in nearly all advancing countries. However, people are increasing exponentially. The resulting factors comprise of faulty agricultural practices, demeaning of farming lands, overutilization of fertile soils, cutting down of trees, abandoning the soil’s ecosystem by application of genetically modified seeds, lowering sea resources, decrease of nutritious food and depletion of genetic multiplicity of crops. Shortage of water, saltiness, waterlogging has negatively impacted agricultural land across the world.
  • Power resources can also have a main effect on the environment too. In comparison to population growth, power consumption has escalated by 14 times for the last ten years.

There are some ways power can be generated like, wind power, hydroelectric power, tidal power, geothermal power among others.

Because of issues of rising temperature, the scientists are working hard to harness green power sources.  Unused energy sources comprise of the earth’s magnetic field, temperature variations, power within flammable deposits of methyl hydrates and even people generates 60 watts of heat.

  • Air pollution is among the largest contemporary challenge that environmental scientists has been trying to get better off, that cannot be avoided because of the oceanic aerosols, volcanic wastes, and biogenic sources. Man made pollution is the outcome of burning fuel, chemical manufacturing, construction among other types of industries. There are notable impacts of air pollution on people’s health resulting to many health complications. It also affects food crops and other types of plantations.
  • Amongst the major threats to the surroundings is radioactivity. Environmental scientists across the world have been attempting to prevent challenges caused by practices like, mining of radioactive ores, radioactive isotopes used in health facilities, and nuclear waste from industrial reactors.

The impacts of radioactivity can destroy cell membranes, mitochondria leading to abnormality of cell function, division, growth, and eventual death. Radioactivity also results to genetic disorders that might cause mutation or even blood and bone cancer.

You are now closer to your right environmental science subject and have the basis of good research.

Discover the best ways to learn how to write a nursing essay successfully, from our expert writers. In this guide, we will go through the correct structure; introduction, body, conclusion. As well as some leading tips from our professional writers. So you can write the top admission essay and the grades you deserve. Then, it will be possible to move onto the next stage of becoming a nurse. And eventually, take care of patients for a living!

What Is a Nursing Essay

A nursing essay is both an academic and professional study of a patient who is encountered during a student’s placement in a practicum. It is crucial when composing a nursing school admission essay. Follow the next steps to find out more information about what is a nursing essay in detail, and achieve a maximum quality essay.

They are essential vital points in a student’s learning experience as they serve as a significant pathway to knowing how to react to real-life situations.

Exploring Nursing Essay Topics

Before you begin your nursing application essay, it is a good idea to choose a topic based on your knowledge of the provided subject. This will allow you to create a coherent structure that will support the information you are offering. As a writer, you need to understand precisely what is it you are being asked to build your answer correctly. Research various questions that you could potentially answer.

Many topics can be challenging and will often involve some scientific research in the practicum lab. You can find all kinds of nursing essay topics lists that include issues such as:

Should euthanasia be legalized?

 How to treat dementia at its birth stage?

 What are the potential dangers of home nursing?

 Should the nurses be able to refuse to work with offensive patients?

 Should depression and anxiety patients are medically treated?

 What are the primary treatments for diabetic patients?

  The long-term effects of chemotherapy

  The impact of HIV on birth and breastfeeding

  The dangers of E-cigarettes as a form of quitting cigarettes

  The mental health of terminally ill patients

  Midwifery and newborn baby care

  Introduction to human nutrition

  Microbiology in humans: The safe and dangerous

  Health Assessment and Nursing Therapeutics

  Prevention of Illness and Promotion of Health

  Applied Statistical Analysis

  The treatment of dementia at an early stage

The potential dangers of home nursing                                

Choose the topic which you can easily relate to, and have the closest insight on. It is a good idea to think carefully about which of the nursing essay topics to choose from.

Keep in mind:

You are targeting a highly educated audience who is aware of the data you are presenting;

Take an individual approach to showcase how your knowledge can be put into practice;

 The methodology and the way of translating information should be considered to make your paper different from the rest.

Performing a Research on Nursing Essay

 “Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.” – Leo Buscaglia

Collecting and presenting data is the main philosophy of the nursing essay approach. The more information you can acquire before writing your paper, the more you are going to demonstrate your level of expertise on the issue as you have shown a much clearer understanding of the subject in the eyes of your professor, which means more credit and a better grade.

The best ways to gather more research when writing your nursing essay successfully is to:

  Online Articles: Provides useful insights and in-depth examples of isolated cases.

  Textbooks: Gives you a more general understanding of your theme.

 Examples: Provides a clearer understanding of how to write a nursing essay efficiently. Make sure you record all of your nursing essay examples are in an MLA format to save yourself time in the future.

Process of Research about nursing essay

Nursing essay
Nursing essay https://study.amaze1990.com

To start processing your research, make notes on your research. Gather all of your notes and put them into a table with 6 columns. It’s possible to do this on Google Docs or Sheets, or by hand. This provides a detailed plan for the nursing essay.

Include these 6 titles on the top of every column in your table.

 Research Method: This indicates if the research comes from a textbook, article or example.  Content: The details of the investigation.

  Type of Data: Specify the form of research. If it’s a quotation, data or general information.

  Advantages: Mention the Pros of the study. Is the information or data valuable or reliable?

  Disadvantages: The Cons of what has been mentioned in the other sections. Is it a theory or knowledge that is debatable?

How to Structure a Nursing Essay

  Mention in Nursing Essay: Yes/No. (You can decide this later.)

When all the data is collected, and you are confident that you have a clear grasp of the topic you are going to write about, it’s time to structure the paper with the next guide.

 Distribution: When all data and information is collected on your table, it’s a good idea to distribute it evenly to generate a smooth flow.

 Outline: Create a rough essay outline. Briefly describe the points mentioned the points you are going to uncover. So that is sources, websites, articles, and textbooks.

 Selecting Content: Choose the most reliable and accurate information and data to go in your essay outline for top results.

 Structure: Your paper should be comprised of an introduction, body, and conclusion.

 Advice: Keeping these points in mind will also keep you inspired during your writing sessions and will help you avoid “writer’s block.” And will guide you to writing a successful paper.

To properly cater your material to the audience, your nursing school application essay has to be composed of the following elements:


A nursing essay introduction contains a general statement about the main point of the overall paper.

    Nursing Essay Introduction Example:

   “The hospital-based switch training university-based change has made a major impact on the way nurse operate in the workforce. Substantial changes have helped shape and improve the role of a nurse, working conditions, and a nurse’s income. While patient assessment methods have been improved, the empathy of nurses has lacked in some instances.”

In your introduction, you must define your question and give a strategic plan of how you are going to answer it.

  This part of your paper will be a guideline for both you and your reader for the rest of your work.

  The flow of this paragraph should be impeccable, as it must give your audience a complete understanding of what they are going to explore.

 Use resources like a thesaurus and a glossary to find words that will best relate to your subject and bring its meaning to its maximum potential.


 As Isaac Newton once said, “Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”

Your body should use the introduction as an outline, explaining the issue step by step and transitioning smoothly from one point to another. Each body paragraph in your nursing essay body should contain a topic sentence, supporting sentences and a concluding sentence. There should be a balanced development between paragraphs, with every single answer leading to a new question. When writing an essay about nursing, don’t wander away from the subject and be strictly on point. This is the philosophy of a nursing essay and should always be kept in mind when writing.

    Nursing Essay Body Example:

 “As a consequence, nurses needed to have higher levels of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Major global organizations, The World Health Organization, recognized this matter in the year, 1985. The processes of both teaching and learning must be adapted to the newly graduated nurses can obtain the knowledgeable skills most recently relevant to the modern health care needs in their communities as a whole.”

Examples are what is going to turn your pile of data, into an individual treatment.

Finally, make sure that in your body you accommodate the reader with sufficient information on the issue as well answer every single question you have asked. Finalize your statements at the very end of the paragraphs and prepare to summarize them in your conclusion.

Conclusion on nursing essay

Your nursing essay conclusion is a retelling or a summary of the main issues raised in the nursing essay:




 Indicate how your approach was essential to the resolution of a problem;

 Final comment to conclude the paper.

    Nursing Essay Conclusion Example:

“The start of the university educated for nurses has allowed nurses to keep updated with continuous medical advances. Their roles have changed throughout recent years. Their working conditions have improved, as well as their wages. The ability to assess patients has improved. However, the ability to provide understanding care has slowly abolished as a result of strong their bases that university education is based on.”

Refining Your Drafts

The process of developing your nursing profession essay follows a pyramid scheme. Start with a rough draft by building your paper with every single piece of data you have access too. Then, as you progress forward, narrow it down to the most crucial to your topic information.

 Use Correct Formatting: The accepted format for submission of the nursing essay is Times New Roman. Size 12 and 1.5 or double spacing. The margins should be 2cm or under.

 Make sure to correctly format your paper so that it meets the application submission requirements.

 Proofread: Make sure to check your writing for any grammar or punctuation mistakes. You can do this with proofreading websites such as Grammarly.

Check for Density: Avoid using the same word multiple times. A Thesaurus can be used to amend this problem.

Don’t Allow Writing Errors Knock You Down a Grade: Double-check the application submission requirements to make sure they are all met.

Always share your drafts with people who have more experience in writing as well as nursing than you do to receive quality feedback. Often, the writer can be biased towards his work and oversee some honest mistakes, or you can do by yourself, using such methods:

 Digital edits: allow your computer to fix your mistakes and offer you grammatical solutions.

  Printed red pen edits: highlight troubled areas of your work to see what needs the most attention.

  Audible edits: read the text out loud to identify sentence structure flaws.

Your paper should become more evident as you progress through your drafts.

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism Can Result In…

 Your paper’s failure.

This can easily be avoided…

 If you state all of the sources you have sued when composing the work.

Do Cite Your Source.

 All outside sources should be cited.


 Attempt to take credit for someone else’s work.

 Get into trouble.

How to Cite a nursing essay

 Include the date of the work and the author’s name in brackets.

 Add quotation marks around the cited information.

Citation Example:

  “Just do it” (1988, Nike)


Every citation you make within your text should be followed by a more elaborate replica of it in the reference section. There are resources all over the internet whereby merely plugging in main variables; the platform is going to generate an MLA formatted citation for you and save you loads of time. Here is how to reference information from different types of sources:

A book: Carpenito-Moyet, L.J. (2002). Nursing Diagnosis: Applications to Clinical Practice. Some bit of a book adjusted by somebody other than the Author of the section: Wald, L. (1995). What’s it about Florence? In S.H. Fondiller, & B.J. Nerone (eds). Nursing: The Career of a Lifetime. Michigan: National League for Nursing Press, pp. 7-28.

 Diary Article: Dicenso, A., Cullum, N., & Ciliska, D. (1998). Executing confirmation based Nursing: Some confounded judgments. Assertion-Based Nursing, 1, 38-39.

 Online Journal Article: Donley, R., & Flaherty, M.J. (2008). Impelling Professional Development: Three Phases of Articulation in Nursing Education and Practice.

We hope that our blog post about nursing essays was useful. If you need to download any examples, feel free to drop a line to our writers.

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