Nursing Essays | 10 best hacks to write a good essay

nursing essays
nursing essays

Nursing essays is both professional and academic requirement in nursing college. Nursing involves a study of taking care of patients during practicam and rotations. It is important to know how to write nursing essays in depth, and get a high-quality essay.

There are important points in a students studying expertise as they play a crucial role to understanding how to behave to real-life-situations.

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Nursing Essays | 10 best hacks to write a good essay
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Exploring nursing essay topics

Before you begin your nursing admission essay, it is a recommendable idea to select a subject based on your understanding of the topic at hand. This will give you a chance to generate a logical structure that will boost the information you are providing. When you are a writer you are supposed to completely understand the requirements of your questions to structure your answer well. Carry out research on different questions after that you could answer in future.

Most subjects can be difficult and they will always involve a few scientific researches in the training lab. You can get all types of nursing essays subjects that comprise issues like:

•              Should mercy killing be legalized?

•              How to treat mental illness at its early stage?

•              What are the possible risks of home nursing?

•              Do the nurses have the liberty to refuse working with hostile patients?

•              Should dysthymia and stress patients be medically treated?

•              What is the primary care for diabetic patients?

•              The continual impacts of chemotherapy

•              The effects of HIV on birth and breastfeeding

•              The risks of E-cigarettes as a way of quitting cigarettes

•              The metal well-being of terminally sick patients

•              Obstetrician and infant bay care

•              Presentation to human nourishment

•              Biological human science: The safe and risk

•              Health examination and Nursing Therapeutics

•              Precautions of sickness and boosting of health

•              Applied statistical analysis

•              The treatment of mental illness at an early stage

•              The possible risks of home nursing

Select a topic that you will not struggle to relate, and you will easily understand. It is quite important to select carefully among these topics.


  • Your audience is a group of intellects who knows the information you are presenting
  • Take a personal approach to indicate how your expertise can be put into practice
  • The style and your way of presenting ideas is supposed to distinguish your paper from the rest

Carrying out research

Researching and presenting data is the major approach of the nursing essay. The more ideas you can collect before writing your essay, the more you are going to display a higher level of professionalism on the topic since you have displayed a better comprehension of the topic before the eyes of the instructor, which translates to more credit and good grades.

The recommendable way to collect more information when composing your nursing essay lucratively is to:

  • Online articles: Offers important insights in details samples of various cases.
  • Textbooks: Gives you a complete comprehension of your theme
  • Example: Gives a clear comprehension on how to compose a nursing essay well. Ensure that you record every nursing essay samples in MLA format to save yourself time in coming days.

The research process

To start conducting your research, write down points about your research. Collect all your points and put them together in a table of six columns. This can be done on Google sheets or docs, or just use your hand. This offers you a depth strategy for the nursing essay.

Have these six topics on the top of each column in your table:

  • Research techniques: This shows in case the research is from a textbook, magazine or example
  • Content:  These are the details of your research
  • Type of information: State the type of research. Be it quotation, data, or collective information.
  • Merits: State the advantages of the research. Is the report valuable or dependable?
  • Cons: The disadvantages of what has been stated in the different areas. Is it a theory or proficiency that can be debated?
  • State in nursing essay: Yes or no

How to arrange a nursing essay?

When all the research is conducted, and you are convinced you have a proper understanding of the subject that you want to write about, it is time to arrange the paper with the following guide.

  • Distribution: When every data and information is gathered on your table, It is advisable to distribute it well to create a smooth flow.
  • Outline: Generate a rough essay summary. Shortly describe the highlighted tips, the tips you are going to write on. Which are sources, websites, articles and textbooks?
  • Choosing content: Select the most dependable and correct information and data to write in your essay outline for good results.
  • Structure: Your essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Advice: Bearing these tips in mind will also help you to remain motivated when you are writing and will assist you prevent “writer’s block”. And will assist you to write a good paper

To rightly present your material to the readers, your nursing school admission essay has to be written with the following elements:


An introduction of a nursing essay has a common statement regarding the major points of the whole paper.

In your nursing essay introduction, you must explain your question and provide a strategic idea of how you are going tackle it.

  • This part of your essay will be a direction for both you and your audience until you complete your work.
  • The flow of the first paragraph is supposed to be impeccable, since it should provide your readers a complete comprehension of what they are going to read
  • Use materials like a thesaurus and a glossary to get words that will best suit your topic and convey its meaning to its full potential.


The body of your essay is supposed to use introduction as a summary, explaining the matter step by step, and changing steadily from one point to the next. Every paragraph in your nursing paper is supposed to have a topic sentence, providing support to the sentences and summarizing sentence. There is supposed to be a steady development between paragraphs, where each answer will lead to a new question. When composing nursing essay, do not divert from the topic and be exactly on point. These are the values of a nursing essay and they are supposed to be remembered when writing.

Eventually, ensure that in the body of your essay you give the reader enough information on the topic and also answer all the questions you have been asked. Summarize your statements at the end of the paragraphs and be ready to conclude them in the end.


Your nursing paper conclusion is a repetition or a conclusion of the major issues discussed in the nursing essay:

  • Information
  • Answers
  • Evidence
  • Show how your approach was important to the settlement of a problem
  • The last comment to finish the paper

Refining your drafts

The procedure of growing your nursing career essay follows a pyramid scheme. Begin with a rough copy by developing your paper with each piece of information you can get. Then, as you move forward, summarize it to the most important of your topic data.

  • Use the right formatting: The allowed format for delivery of the nursing paper is Times New Roman. Size 12 and a spacing of 1.5 or simply double spacing. The gap is supposed to be 2cm or below.

Ensure that you correctly format your essay for it to meet the application submission requirements.

  • Proofread: Ensure that you go through your essay for any grammar or grammatical errors. This can be done through analyzing websites like grammarly.
  • Check for density: Avoid applying the same word severally. A thesaurus can be used to correct this challenge.
  • Do not permit writing mistakes bring your grade down: proofread the application submission requirements to ensure all are met.

Top ranking ten tips for writing good nursing essays

  • Educative

Try to indicate that you comprehend the crucial values, challenges and discussions in nursing currently by allowing these educate you on how to approach essay writing. You can perceive this as a guide; especially if you are experiencing challenges on how to introduce an idea, or start a discussion, put into consideration current things as source of guidance.

  • Academic writing

An essay whether nursing essays or any other is an academic piece of task and it is supposed to therefore follow academic agreement about style and format. Apply formal language, references and an expert vocabulary where required. Keep in mind, to avoid grammatical errors and punctuation.   

  • Genres

Any nursing subject is always approached through various genres of work needed at bachelor’s level. Be cautious about various needs of care plans, reflective essays, literature assessments and many more. Sticking to the given specifications will show your comprehension of the differences between genres, and is required for good grades.

  • Content

Whatever you are going to write on your nursing essays relies on the question at hand and the instructions of the work, but generally it serves to show the level of elegance ranging from level 1 to 3. The less sophisticated level of work like care plans can be considerably descriptive in context, but top level will need more argumentative and crucial substance.

  • Concepts and practice

As career degree, you cannot completely separate from challenges of practical use of what you have studied. Therefore it is essential to get ways to connect concepts with practice, showing you comprehension of the two-way barter of concepts to get high marks.

  • Extensive reading

Like every academic field, success in nursing relies on extensive reading through the subject, of both medical evidence and academic literature. Referencing from an extensive range of materials, likely from different sources, is crucial to show the right standard of relations.

  • Assessment

It is easy to differentiate a third level from a lower level, through its requirement for considerable crucial assessment. Do not just assemble an extensive range of sources, but also put into consideration the power of their arguments and take a key distance from them so as to portray your assessment skills.

  • Structure

Essential in every essay, the right organization provides the basis for success in every other evaluation measure. Various forms of work will need various organizations, but the primary rule of a considered, strategized approach is globally applicable.

  • Reasonable argumentation

As with essential assessment, proof of consistent logic in growing discussions tends to be a need of higher level work. But, giving this a priority will guarantee better grades in every work. Think clearly, Note all the defects allegations and build a reasonable case to boost your ideas.

  • Balance

Assessment is a form of balance-weighing the reliability of specific sources against others-but balance uses uniformly to every aspect of your nursing essay. To what extent is your content is an evaluation of others’ work, and to what extent is your own? Have you offered same consideration to the smaller sections within the details? Do not aim on lavishing a lot of attention to a given area at the expense of others.

Writing a nursing essays

  • Analyzing the questions

Before embarking on writing any nursing essays task, it is crucial to master the question you are being asked. It will assist you in organizing the right way and write in respect to your institutions audience. Note down the key points that can be used as guidance to what you are expected to write in the task. For example, in case you are contrasting two aspects of personal reflection, you must show their likeness and their differences. In case you are evaluating both models, then you create their powerful and frail characteristics. Basically, the aim of writing nursing essays is to allow you to indicate how the conceptual comprehension informs your exercise. As such, you are supposed to give recommended samples where necessary.

  • Collecting information

Generating nursing essays is supposed be your opportunity to show you have mastered the topic. This demands that you research and read extensively on your topic of discussion. Books are among sources where you can conduct your research related to your topic of discussion, although they contain a few up-to-date images on the subject. You can rely on journals and articles to get the comprehension of the current knowledge about your topic of discussion. You are supposed to show your skills to give an analysis of research outcomes as a form of showing enough knowledge in your subject. Online databases are loaded with enlightening journals that are important in writing nursing essays.

  • Drafting and redrafting

You are supposed to take your time to draft your main points and decide how you are going adhere to a reasonable structure. The most suitable way is to write the first draft that can be altered and be amended. Read your initial draft and underline the points that are likely to be amended. In case you have time, you can come up with given spaces for these amendments and it will be possible sustain uniqueness through your entire nursing essays.

  • Organizing your introduction

Immediately you chose the points you want to include in your nursing essays, draft an outline. Make sure that you master the structure you are going to use when composing your nursing essays, because the structure of nursing essays differ based on the kind of essays you are supposed to write. For example, if it’s an annotated bibliography you will have various nursing school essays format from critical evaluation essays. Having a draft and the required format, generate your introduction and include a statement that will capture the reader’s attention. Your introduction topic to the reader is the topic you are going to discuss. Clarify the ideas that are crucial to the comprehension of the assignment. It is a must that you end your introduction with a thesis statement that guides the reader on your topic of discussion.

  • Writing the body

This part is very crucial and it will earn you marks. It is also indicates whether you have written your nursing essay from scratch or it is a copy and pasted work. So, when applying the content from your research, make sure you acknowledge them well to avoid plagiarism.

You nursing school admission essay is supposed to have more than one paragraph, with every concept that links back to the main idea of the whole essay. Every paragraph is supposed to contain a topic sentence that that presents the topic of discussion in that given paragraph. With analytical citations, you increase your chances of coring high points because it not only shows the reliability of nursing essay but also substantiates you’re your argument. The paragraphs are supposed to have a tenacious relation between the subject sentences and the supporting sentences. All paragraphs are supposed to end with a sentence that concludes its topic and gives a connection with the following topic sentence in the next paragraph.

  • Plagiarism and referencing

The significance of well referenced paper cannot be compared. Each source of your nursing essay is supposed to have a reference. In case you fail to reference your paper, you nursing essay will be considered just like any other piece of writing that has been stolen from someone else’s idea and argue it as your own. This will be considered copy and paste work and the resulting outcome is fail. This can even end up to a student being expelled by some institutions. Plagiarism is regarded as among the top ways of academic fraudulence. Your referencing and citation are supposed to adhere to the instructions given by instructor. You are supposed to know the MLA, Turabian, Harvard, or Chicago. All these styles have their rules that help the student in completing the required citation of the sources in the nursing essay.

  • Writing the conclusion paragraph

Your conclusion is supposed to begin by stressing your thesis statement using various words. It is also supposed to conclude the main points of your nursing essays and have a look that follow the thesis statement. The summary ought to make counsel of the thesis statement. This can also provide opinions for probable sections for advanced studies of major restrictions of the current study. Composing a nursing essay is easy, although a student can acquire nursing essay assistance from the right entities in case the assignment becomes hard.

3 advanced steps for writing your nursing essays

  1. Brainstorming the nursing essays topics

Brainstorming is a word that is used similarly with mind maps. These are fast means of developing and focusing on ideas and reading links between ideas. Brain mapping stimulates creativity and assist you develop as much ideas as you can. These concepts can be applied to solve certain challenges, handling assignments, showing interests, coming up with a new topic, and observing attitudes and comprehension.

Many of the brain mapping procedures to writing nursing essays for college begin by introducing challenges, topic, or the question in either oral or written. You are supposed to invite contributors to answer these questions with various suggestions or concepts possible. The answers are supposed to be precise. In a group, you require to inspire each member to take part. You have to tell the group members that nobody can respond or comment to the opinions or concepts provided unless the brain mapping process is completed.  Record the answers on a piece of paper. Importantly, you have to be creative and provide the most attractive and successful aspects of the parts. Among the steps to writing good nursing essays can be to give the priority, and assess concepts to create discussions or as a section of the challenge solving part.

Comparable brain mapping is supposed to assist you climb out of a specific grind through word connections that assists you to beyond your nose. Within this procedure, you will apply a single word that concludes or closely connect to the subject you are generating your concept from. Generate all the negative concepts at first. Split and develop your concepts. Within the brain mapping steps to writing nursing essays, you require to generate a mood board. You can apply visualized organizations; Blend color and imagery that assist generate outside feelings and sentiments that generates new concepts. The mood should assist develop recall of details and make standard learning techniques.

After drafting all the concepts, you can begin by discussing about them, remove the ones that look like they are not important and keeping the ones that requires extensive discussion. You can arrange your concepts from the greatest to the words to assist you select the best one and neglect the rest.

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