NYU Naps and Memory Research Paper


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NYU Naps and Memory Research Paper
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You will use the attached papers to come up with a motivation for the research question in the introduction, and describe what we did differently than previous researchers on this topic (why our study is a contribution to the field).

Introduction: same as what you did for your own research proposal, but on the subject of naps and memory. Background literature is attached.

Methods: Describe research methods in past tense. (note: do not include the Epworth Sleepiness scale–too many of you were over the threshold for a potential sleep disorder so I cannot exclude you from the analysis!!!!). Note that given the small sample size from our class, I merged our data with data from a previous iteration of this study. For those of you who participated, you can try to find yourself in the data 🙂

Results: View the results and graph in the excel sheet, attached. Describe the average change in memory for each group. What does a positive value mean? What does a negative value mean? How do our results answer our research question? Can we draw any conclusions from this data? If so, what? Bonus points: look up what it means to have a p value of less than 0.05. What does our P-value of .33 indicate?

Discussion: Describe how (or if) our results contribute to scientific understanding within the field, and if it has any implications for the world. What were some limitations of this study? How would you make it better if you could do it again? What might be some other explanations for why we got the results we did? How could future research exclude those possible variables?

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