Oakland Community College Cloud Security Score Discussion


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Oakland Community College Cloud Security Score Discussion
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You will use the Azure Security center site for this discussion. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/security-center/

azure securityproduction

QUESTIONS:  Review the website provided and then complete the following.  

  • Provide your thoughts and considerations on the idea of a Cloud Security Score.  
  • Give your opinion supported by the article and contrary to the article as you see fit.  
    • Use any additional internet based searched articles to juxtapose the main themes in the article.  
  • Do you feel that one industry (healthcare, finance, automotive, etc.) which would benefit more or less from Cloud Security Scores?  
  • Do you feel that a tax incentive should be tied to corporations that demonstrate an improved Cloud Security Score year over year?  
  • Is a Cloud Security Score more useful to a particular industry?  
  • Should there be a federal law which requires a Cloud Security score for corporations?  Why or why not?

Can I have 2 responses please ?

1- Boban

The purpose of the cloud security score is to provide businesses with guidance in selecting the security solution that most successfully satisfies their needs. The score in no way guarantees that a provider or service is reliable or safe in any way. On the other hand, it can function as a springboard for further investigation if that turns out to be essential.

There are a lot sexual predators out there, and many of them utilize the internet to look for victims. There are also a great number of websites that children should not visit since the information on those websites is not appropriate for them. When using the internet, children run the risk of being subjected to inappropriate content and being bullied online also knows as cyberbullying.

Cloud security scores are tool that can assist companies in gaining a more comprehensive picture of the safety of their data while it is being stored in the cloud. When it comes to the storing of sensitive information, some of the businesses that could benefit the most from cloud security ratings are the healthcare industry, the financial sector, and the automotive industry.

Companies that can demonstrate an increased cloud security score from one year to the next should be eligible for a tax credit or deduction. This would be done in order to incentive businesses to strengthen the safety measures that they have in place. Although there are some individuals who may not believe that this is required, I am of the opinion that firms should invest money into safety measures.

Cloud security scores are a tool that companies may use to evaluate the safety of their online services and the data they store. According to the analysts at NetScores, cloud security scores can be beneficial to companies who rely heavily on cloud-based services or have sensitive data that has to be protected.

Standards for determining cloud security scores will vary from industry to business and depend on the type of data being handled. The imposition of a requirement on companies to disclose the level of cloud security they have achieved may result in a number of undesirable side effects.

2- Dimitry

I think the idea of a Cloud Security Score is a great idea. There are stories every week that I read about companies that have been breached due to incorrect cloud implementations or that were using bad configuration settings. This would be something that can be found quickly by using something like Microsoft Defender and the Cloud security score calculator. This can find misconfigurations quickly and notify you before any breach happens to your organization.

I don’t think that companies should have a tax discount because organizations already have enough tax deductions. I think that companies that have a high cloud security score should get a discount on their cyber insurance. Those companies that utilize a cloud configuration tester and use Microsoft Defender to check their infrastructure are a lot more prepared than companies that don’t. They are less likely to be vulnerable to simple attacks and misconfigurations than those that do not do a Microsoft Defender audit. Organizations that go the extra mile to check configurations and their defensive posture should be rewarded over those organizations that do not. That’s because the organizations that do not check their posture and do not care enough to do a Cloud Security Score are most likely the ones that will be breached.

I do think that having a security audit done to check your cloud security score is a great idea for many industries out there. I think it would especially benefit organizations that provide services on the web. Any organization that offers web services or stores customer data should be forced to have a Cloud Security Score and should be forced to go through security audits. I think certain industries such as healthcare would benefit the most from having cloud security scores because they are dealing with so much sensitive personal data. They need to make sure that they have a good posture for their organization. As mentioned by Ben: “Organizations utilizing Secure Score have seen their security increase five times more than organizations who don’t use it.” (Ben, 2020) Being 5 times more secure than organizations is a huge benefit to utilizing the cloud security score. More can be read in this great article here : https://www.crestwood.com/2020/11/25/strengthen-your-business-security-with-microsoft-secure-score/

As I mentioned prior, I do think that there should be laws that require organizations that deal with customer data to have a cloud security score or some other sort of security audit to make sure that they at least have the minimal number of defenses and precautions when it comes to customer data. If there are no laws in place, organizations will always take the easiest and cheapest way out.


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? Ben. (2020, November 25). Strengthen Your Business Security with Microsoft Secure Score. Retrieved May 23, 2022, from Crestwood Associates website: https://www.crestwood.com/2020/11/25/strengthen-yo

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