Pace University Lulu lemon Company Analysis Presentation


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Pace University Lulu lemon Company Analysis Presentation
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1) Company Analysis
• Brief Brand history (e.g., critical moments in a company or a brand, big successes or big
failures). Also, include the brand company’s mission statement
2) Industry Analysis (macro-environment analysis)
This section mentions important aspects of a given industry
• Trends within this particular industry (e.g., fast fashion, haute couture/couture, luxury
brands), such as changes in demographics (newly emerging or potential markets?),
technological, and social or economic forces that can affect the industry as a whole
For example,
• Consumers’ price sensitivity (economic factors), consumers’ value for sustainability
• Technological advances that can affect online retailing systems and consumer
3) Competitor Analysis (micro-environment analysis)
• Choose one major competitor and discuss the competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, and
any threats that it poses to your brand or product

4) Target Consumer Analysis
One way to get a sense of the target market is to generate a brief character sketch of the
typical target consumer (i.e., target consumer profile).
• Target consumer profile/descriptions for your brand
– Use multiple segmentation bases (e.g., demographic, geographic, psychographic,
and behavioral) to increase the accuracy of understanding target consumers
– Use of secondary data and of citations in-text

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