Palm Beach State College Counseling Addictive Disorder Discussion


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Palm Beach State College Counseling Addictive Disorder Discussion
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Section 1

Post the following:

  • Identify two strengths you bring to addictions counseling and how you gained those strengths.
  • Identify one area where you might struggle in the field of addictions counseling (examples might be personal experiences, bias, lack of education, etc.), and why this area might be a challenge for you.
  • Does your state/country have certification or licensure for addictions counseling? Provide the website if so.
  • Share whether addictions counseling is a field you would consider for your counseling career, and explain why or why not.
  • Recommend one resource, technique, or idea from personal experience that your colleague can use to address/improve the area they identified as a challenge. Share why you believe this resource or technique would be helpful.
  • Section 2):
  • your personal and professional thoughts on the following three prompts:
    • Using your personal lens, where do you stand on the use of medications for treating mental health and substance use disorders?
    • Using your professional lens, share three pros of using medications as part of treatment and three cons associated with using medications.
    • Using your professional lens, describe your role as a counselor counseling clients who have been prescribed medications for mental health and/or substance use disorders.

      Required Readings

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      National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2018c). Understanding drug use and addiction. Retrieved from…

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