PBSC Career Value Essay


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PBSC Career Value Essay
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o Prepare:

  • Watch the example card sort demonstration located in the Week 9 Learning Resources.
  • With 3 x 5 index cards, use the list of career values provided in the Week 9 Learning Resources to create the cards for your card sort, or come up with your own list of values.
  • Download the Career Values Worksheet from the Week 9 Learning Resources, and meet with your volunteer to conduct the card sort. Conclude the session with client reflection questions to help the volunteer process insights gained from the activity.


  • A photograph of your volunteer’s completed card sort
  • Description of what happened during the card sort.
  • Reflections on your experience and your observations of your volunteer.
  • Your personal insights on differences between using quantitative career assessments and qualitative assessments, including the benefits and disadvantages of each.
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