Personality Theories Presentation


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Personality Theories Presentation
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You work as a psychology consultant at a local prison. You have been asked to give a presentation on personality theories to a group of new case managers that help identify personality traits of offenders in an effort to find programs and services for them. Select any of the major personality theories covered in the course for your presentation.a 10- to 15-slide (title and references slides are not included in the slide count) presentation with detailed speaker notes. Complete the following in your presentation: 

Discuss the role personality plays in general behavior and emotional interactions (1–2 slides).

Provide an overview of the selected personality theory (2–3 slides).

Describe the theorist of your chosen personality theory, including their background (1–2 slides).

  • Examine how the theorist views people and personalities (1–2 slides).
  • Explain which concepts of the theory are relevant to today’s culture (1–2 slides).
  • Examine how those concepts are valuable within a prison workplace (1–2 slides).
  • Analyze the emotional and behavioral interactions that make this theory relevant to a prison population (1–2 slides).
  • Complete speaker notes for each slide, they must be at least one paragraph long. 
  • NOTE: speaker notes are needed for the introduction and conclusion slides as well.
  • Use at least 3 academic sources, (No papers will be accepted in this course without references and citations).

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