Psychology Common Behaviors Discussion


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Psychology Common Behaviors Discussion
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Discussion 3


One topic I found particularly interesting was pediatric bipolar disorder. As I watched the YouTube video and listened to Dr. Rynn explain the symptoms, I could not help but think about how easily they must go unnoticed, as many of them seem to be common behaviors in children. In describing the symptom of unusual grandiosity, Dr. Rynn used an example of a child saying that they would become a famous singer despite not having ever taken singing lessons. While this seems like an unreasonable expectation, it is not unusual for children to make wild claims about their prospects or have large goals without thinking about the full picture. Increased happiness, another symptom, is also likely to go unnoticed or overlooked as the child simply being unusually hyper. However, this symptom may be more likely to compel a parent to have their child evaluated, as it could point to other disorders such as ADHD, which is more commonly known to affect children. The information given by Dr. Rynn made me realize how important it is to pay extremely close attention to unusual behaviors in children, as they could indicate something greater than just “kids being kids”. Of course, however, it is also important to look at the context of such behaviors and be able to differentiate between what should be considered concerning.

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