Psychology Power and Leadership Discussion

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Psychology Power and Leadership Discussion
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Week 4 Topic:

“Power and Leadership”

It will be helpful for you to review Chapter 14: Groups, for this week’s discussion question.  

Something to think about: 

  • Who do you think of when you hear the word, “leadership”?
  • What makes a good leader? According to research cited in our textbook, two common traits were characterized in 11 CEO’s who were studied. Those two traits were, modesty and humility (pg. 513).

Your discussion post

  • Name a person that you view as a good leader.
  • Why do you think he or she is a good leader? Cite resources that back your opinion.
  • What traits does this individual exhibit?
  • How does this individual interact with others individuals with groups? Give some specific examples of how this person has demonstrated good leadership.


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