Rationality Gambit Philosophy Essay


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Rationality Gambit Philosophy Essay
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  1. Paper Topic: Rationality Gambit/Norcross Argument

    Norcross argument about eating meat

    Why he thinks what your doing is bad?

    Respond to his argument and position.

    Respond to how you think he will respond back to
    you as well.

    Example: Here’s why I think he’s wrong he addresses my point but I still.

  2. You have the option to write a 1300 (approximately 5 pages double-spaced) paper on a topic of your choosing. The grade on this paper will replace the grade of your lowest exam score that you have taken. You cannot use this paper to replace an exam that you have missed (including the final). You must clear your paper topic with me in advance during my office hours (not over email). This paper must have two elements: (1) it displays mastery of some part of the course material; (2) it presents and defends a position concerning some topic that we have discussed in the class. The paper can be an expansion of one of your shorter papers from the class, but will involve substantial new work and engagement with the material. The overall goal of the paper is to take a side in one of the debates that we have covered in the class and present an argument for that position that engages in competently with the arguments presented in class.
    This is not primarily a research paper. The goal of the paper is to display your understanding of some of the arguments that we have discussed in this class by engaging with one of the philosophical debates we have covered.

    Site references!

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