REL 126 Upper Iowa University Colossians Theology Worksheet


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REL 126 Upper Iowa University Colossians Theology Worksheet
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Wk 4 Chapters 13-17 / Student Name: _________________________________________ Date: __________


1. What is one main reason some scholars think Colossians may not be written by Paul?

a.Colossians has the same style as Paul but a more developed theology

b.Colossians has the same style as Paul and the same theology

c.Colossians has a different style from Paul but has the same theology

d.Colossians has a different style from Paul and a more developed theology

2. Paul was not the founder of, or missionary to, the churches in Colossae in the region of Phrygia. Who was the Christian pastor working with the Phrygian cities, including Colossae?

a.Timothyb. Epaphras

c.Lydiad. Apollos

3. True or false? The Letter to the Colossians attributes creation to Jesus.

a. Trueb. False

1 Thessalonians

4. Speaking generally, Paul seems to have presented the gospel of Christ to the Thessalonians as . . .

a.A simplified Jewish philosophy that concentrated on God’s laws in Torah

b.An ancient philosophical tradition, focused on God’s unity with creation

c.A meaningful moral system that allowed people to live with integrity and dignity

d.An emotional, ecstatic experience rooted in the future coming of the Holy Spirit

5. The ideas and behavior Paul taught while in Thessalonica resemble the teaching of which contemporary philosophical school?

a.The Epicureansb. The Essenes

c.The Zoroastriansd. The Pythagoreans

6. In 1 Thessalonians, Paul says that the wrath of God has overtaken the Jews for all of the following reasons except . . .

a.They killed Jesus and the prophets

b.They drove out Paul and his companions

c.They continued to sacrifice animals in the temple

d.They displeased God and opposed everyone

2 Thessalonians

7. What was Paul’s main reason for writing the second letter to the Thessalonians?

a.To recommend Timothy for further ministry in the region

b.To address a rumor that the day of the Lord had already arrived

c.To request money for the collection for the poor in Jerusalem

d.To teach the Thessalonians about the dangers of circumcision

8. A new component of Paul’s teaching mentioned in 2 Thessalonians (but not in 1 Thessalonians) concerns what?

a.Christ’s bodyb. The rapture

c.Faith vs. worksd. The coming lawless one

1 Timothy

9. Which Pastoral Letter cautions about the corrupting influence of money?

a.1 Timothy b. 2 Timothy

c.Titusd. All of them

10. Which of the following does not apply to the person Timothy?

a.He was converted from Cynicism

b.His father was a gentile, but his mother was Jewish

c.Paul had Timothy circumcised so as not to offend the Jews

d.He was a close companion and assistant of Paul

11. What was the minimum age set in 1 Timothy for church leaders holding the office of widow?


c.60 d.65

12. According to the Pastoral Letters, Timothy is in charge of the churches in which locale?

a.Corinthb. Crete

c.Ephesus d. Rome

2 Timothy

13. 2 Timothy presumes what about Paul’s circumstances?

a.Paul has left Timothy in Ephesus

b. Paul is in Rome awaiting execution

c.Paul has just completed his first missionary journey

d. Paul is delivering a collection of money to Jerusalem

14. Generally speaking, the letters to Timothy and Titus deal with two threats: persecution and what else?

a.False teaching b. Racial bigotry

c.Abstinenced. Epicureanism

15. Which of the following is not a proposal to explain why the Pastoral Letters do not seem to fit with Paul’s career?

a.Acts and Paul’s letters do not tell us everything about Paul’s life and ministry

b.The Pastoral Letters are compilations of letters written during different times in Paul’s ministry

c.The Pastoral Letters come from Paul’s “second career” that took place after the events narrated in Acts

d.The Pastoral Letters are pseudepigraphical, written after Paul’s death

16.Which Pastoral Letter encourages one to remain faithful in dark times when many have fallen away from the faith?

a.1 Timothyb. 2 Timothy

c.Titusd. All of them


17. True or false? Titus was taught Christianity by his mother and grandmother.

a. Trueb. False

18. True or false? Although an early convert to Christianity and frequent traveler with Paul on his missionary journeys, Titus is never mentioned in the book of Acts.

a. Trueb. False

19. How did Titus assist Paul in Corinth?

a.Titus remained in Corinth as bishop after Paul was killed

b.Titus successfully reconciled Paul and the Corinthians

c.Titus successfully established the churches in Corinth for Paul

d.Titus was robbed of the money churches had collected to give to the poor in Jerusalem

20. In the Letter to Titus, where is Titus said to be ministering?



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