Riverside City College NAFTA and USMCA Trade Agreements Discussion


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Riverside City College NAFTA and USMCA Trade Agreements Discussion
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The required legal research topic for the research paper is: “Is the new trade agreement negotiated by President Trump with Mexico and Canada to replace NAFTA more beneficial or more harmful to the United States economy than NAFTA? Discuss both views and explain. .” Write a paper discussing and answering the above question. This is a legal research and analysis report. You must cite, discuss and apply at least 3 appellate cases (domestic or international) or published articles or published treatises on the topic not presented in the text or case book on each side of the issue. Grades higher than a C are earned with more and relevant research, with well-organized and explained arguments. You may not cite cases which you have been assigned to brief as part of the homework assignments. Do not cite our text book or any other text book. You must properly cite the cases (by caption and citation). You can use the internet to locate information, but you need to properly cite it. Internet citations (eg. LexisNexis.® or Westlaw ®) receive NO credit. If you need assistance researching, you should contact the research librarians for assistance.

The research papers must be not less than four (4) pages, double-spaced, and no more than 6 pages. Papers submitted outside the page authorization will receive at least 1 grade reduction; do not submit more than 6 pages nor less than 4 pages. Write effectively! You MUST provide a table of authorities (which is not included within the page number restrictions) listing the caption and official citation for each case cited (using the primary citation) in alphabetical order, and in a separate following section, list any published articles or treatises you cited.

You use the MLA style and format (MLA ID available at: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/m…

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