Saint Leo University MKT 304 BMW Marketing Case Study


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Saint Leo University MKT 304 BMW Marketing Case Study
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Evaluate the attachment “Marketing Excellence”. Then respond to the questions and complete the case Analysis. All material should be presented in one document (6 pages)

Part I

Evaluate this case, and respond to each of the following questions using both theory and practical managerial thinking.

  • Examine and apply the consumer-buying process for BMW. Identify the steps and the application to BMW. How does this process assist the marketing team at BMW?
  • How could data analytics be used to research the consumer in order to ensure a strong understanding of overall business and marketing outcomes at BMW?
  • Within the case, several clearly different target markets are identified. What does BMW do well to target each of these groups, and what could it do better? Within your response, include the process of segmentation,.
  • Part 2
  • Complete a case analysis of BMW. This requires
    that you conduct research on BMW beyond the case study material in the
    textbook. In the case analysis, you will look at the situational analysis,
    problem, and alternatives, and you will provide a recommendation. Refer to the
    instructions below as you construct your analysis.

    • Situational Analysis
      • Discuss the external
        environment through the compilation of a PEST (political, economic,
        sociocultural, and technology) analysis.
      • Discuss the internal
        and external environment through the compilation of a SWOT (strengths,
        weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis.
    • Problem
      • Identify at least one
        organizational problem that BMW is currently having or one in which you
        project it will have in the future. Base this upon your research and
        critical thinking.
    • Alternatives
      • Compile three or four
        potential marketing-related solutions to the problem above. Remember that
        these are potential alternatives; you will not select all of the
        alternatives to solve the problem.
    • Recommendation
      (Marketing Strategy)
    • Select one or two of
      the alternatives above to solve the problem that you identified in this
      case analysis.

    Discuss your rationale for choosing these and not the others. Include
    supporting research that will increase the depth of your analysis

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