San Diego State University Educational Counseling Discussion


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San Diego State University Educational Counseling Discussion
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Quantitative or Qualitative Research Article Summary

Visit the ERIC database at

Enter a search using key terms to select a research article that is about a study on your topic. Write a narrative to summarize the article using the following guidelines. Be sure to attach the article you are summarizing.

Guidelines for writing your narrative article summary:

1. State the big picture of the article (e.g., “there are three key schools of thought on blended learning“) or, (e.g., “Ostrom (1994) identifies four common ways in
which blended learning is conceptualized”).

2. Contextualize: provide context for the contribution of this author. You will eventually compare and contrast this contribution to the contributions of additional authors in your overall literature review. This helps the reader track the rise and fall of theories.

3. Critically evaluate: the contribution of this author has relative advantages and disadvantages. How do you, personally, find it useful or not useful as you address your topic of interest?

As you write your literature review for this course, the above exercise will assist you through each of the contributions of literature you select to include in support of your action research topic. You will begin to transition each author’s contributions, paragraph by paragraph, comparing and contrasting the literature, as you demonstrate that you fully appreciate the breadth of the field relative to

your topic. More importantly, you will have started to win the reader over to a particular combination of theories or ideas that support your topic.

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