San Diego State University Political Science Bibliography


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San Diego State University Political Science Bibliography
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topic: Why has trust in government among U.S. citizens fallen, and/or what explains variation in levels of trust in government among citizens?

1. A full citation of the work.

2. An analytical summary (150-200 words) that identifies the research question the author is seeking to answer, the methods used by the author, a summary of key points and findings from the article, an evaluation of how the research adds to what we know about the topic, and the implications of the article for future research. In political science research, it is frequently the case that an article’s contribution to the field is methodological, so some of your entries may well involve highlighting the methods the author(s) use to answer the question.

3. the annotated bibliography must include at least 8 articles. (so 8 bibliographies)

The articles in the annotated bibliography must be published in one of the following peer-reviewed journals.

American Political Science Review

American Journal of Political Science

American Politics Review

British Journal of Political Science

Congress and the Presidency

Election Law Journal

Interest Groups and Advocacy

The Journal of Law and Courts

Journal of Politics

Legislative Studies Quarterly

Party Politics

Politics and Gender

Politics, Groups, and Identities

Political Research Quarterly

Political Science Quarterly

Public Opinion Quarterly

Social Science Quarterly

Link to the resources:

The essay reflection should be an analytical synthesis of what you have learned about the current scholarship on your area of inquiry. It should incorporate answers to as many of these questions as possible:

Why is the area of inquiry you studied important?

What is the most important or surprising thing I learned about the area of

inquiry from reading the articles? What are two or three other interesting things

that I learned?

If all of the authors of your articles were sitting around a table discussing the

area of inquiry, what would they agree on, and what would they disagree on? o What might be the reasons for their disagreement? Reasons for

  • disagreement might include the following:
  • ? They use different theoretical approaches or methodologies

? They use different sources or data

? They start with different assumptions about human motivation.

  • Have there been changes in how scholars think about this area of inquiry over time? In other words, do the earlier pieces have a different approach than the more recent pieces?

What is still not known about the area of inquiry, and might those unknowns be explored? If so, how?

The essay reflection should be as long as is required to answer the questions above, but it should be around 1,500 words


Demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of the individual articles you have selected for your annotated bibliography.

Demonstrate that you understand how the articles in your annotated bibliography relate to one another.

  • Demonstrate that you have integrated what you have learned from each individual article.
  • Write clearly, use correct grammar, and proofread to make sure your paper has no typographical errors.

Be thorough yet concise.

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