Science Questionnaire


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Science Questionnaire
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How has the cryosphere contributed to sea level rise in recent decades? Which components of the
cryosphere contribute to sea level rise and which don’t? How is the cryosphere linked to the
other systems, like the biosphere, atmosphere, and lithosphere? How have global sea levels
been changing in recent decades?
How is it that as the Earth warms, glaciers can both grow and shrink?
What evidence is there that Greenland is beginning to melt?
What are some of the roles of the cryosphere in regulating CO2 in the atmosphere?
Besides spatial extent of sea ice coverage in the Arctic, what other properties of sea ice have been
changing? Why is this important to the U.S. Navy?
What are some of the different timescales for changes in the cryosphere?
How does the cryosphere impact climate?
What are some important climate feedbacks involving the cryosphere?

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