SDSU Pepsi and Coca Cola Marketing Paper


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SDSU Pepsi and Coca Cola Marketing Paper
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Objective of Paper:Choose one of the following and discuss the Marketing Success or Failure.Ensure you draw upon the material you covered in class. Ensure you answer the questions below:

Brief overview of the case

Define the problem and causes

Formulate alternative corrective actions

Describe how corrective action was put in place

Was it a strategy?

Was it engineering?

Was it management philosophy?

Was it the economy and consumer?

What mistakes have provided a learning experience?

What would you have done differently if you were incharge?


Answer these questions:

Do you agree that it is impossible for a firm to avoid mistakes?Why or why not?

How can a firm speed up its awareness of emerging problems so that it can take corrective action?Be specific

Large firms tend to error on the side of conservatism and are slower to take corrective action than smaller ones.Why do you suppose this is so?

So often we see the successful firm eventually losing its pattern of success.Why is success not more enduring?

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