SOC2280 TU Sociology Discussion


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SOC2280 TU Sociology Discussion
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Reminder- Each essay response must be a minimum of a page in length. A page includes the following:top to the bottom, 12 font, double spaced.It is important also to remember that your response should be written in your own words, do not copy directly out of the text or any internet links.

Answer the following:

1.Consider the two films you watched this week on homeless teens, and poverty in America.Write a detailed response to one of them; include your thoughts, possible solutions, and how it relates to what you read in chapter seven of your text.

2. Read “Being Homeless in the Land of the American Dream” on page 196 of your text.Write a well thought out response to the “For your Consideration.”

Will post a screenshot of the text when the question is bid on

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