SOCI 1306 Lone Star College Gender Inequality Social Problems Paper


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SOCI 1306 Lone Star College Gender Inequality Social Problems Paper
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I. Explain to the reader what your chapter topic is: Gender Inequality.

II. How did this social problem come to rise in society/world? What were the objective components of this Social Problem? What were the subjective components of this Social Problem? 

III. What is the biggest concern about this social problem? What are people worried about the most? 

IV. Whom/Who is affected by the social problem on a macro scale? (i.e., who is this social problem affecting the most) – People of color, women/men, children, low-income communities, low-income countries, the wealthy/more affluent, less educated, single mothers/fathers, etc.  

V. What are some common stereotypes, prejudice, or actions of discrimination related to individuals/or groups of your topic? Who suffers the most from this social problem (with prejudice, stereotype, and discrimination)? 

VI. Sociological Theories look at the three main theories that sociologists use to focus on the problem of your topic. ** Use sources from the book and other outside resources to support your findings. ** 


I. What were some preconceived ideologies you had before analyzing this chapter and/or topic? 

II. After weeks of examining your social problem, why has this problem not fully been solved? How did you come up with this conclusive understanding?  

III. Are there steps being taken to solve or come to some type of solution for this social problem? **Provide sources that support your thoughts. **  

IV. What was your experience of examining this social problem? Do you feel hopeful for the individuals/groups of people that this social problem affects?  

V. Sociological Terms: Use 5 terms from the textbook. Please either underline, italicize, or make the terms font bold. 5 terms are pink-collar occupations, wage gap, glass-ceiling, gender bias, patriarchy. 

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