SQU Geology The Andes Mountains Question


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SQU Geology The Andes Mountains Question
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Your paper will be structured as a science review brief rather than an original research paper. Doing a literature review is a different sort of research from field or lab. Here is a basic 4-section structure, but feel free to get creative and embellish within the structure given here. Each section should be 1-3 paragraphs in length.

1  Introduction:  includes General characteristics and Distinctive features (geographic facts e.g. length, width, height, surrounding terrain, basic stratigraphic framework and general rock types present, importance to society as natural and cultural resources) Figure: geographical map

2. Major structural features (e.g. main faults, fold belts, fold and thrust belts, post-orogenic faults, etc.) Figure: one or more representative cross-sections

3. Plate tectonic setting (which plates are involved now, where is it, what is the current plate boundary types in the region) Figure: present day plate boundaries in and near the mountain belt

4.  Age and Timing of mountain belt formation (a tectonic history, process of formation) Figure: one or more plate tectonic reconstructions of the area through the relevant time periods.

Also include a Title and a summary that is approximately 100 words.

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